Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve!

So today is Christmas Eve! This past week has been quite a trial for me. Im so thankful for my family helping me out with my house cleaning and with Olivia. They have been so great! I probably didn't show it to them enough how much I appreciate everything they did. /I know its the last thing they wanted to do on their Christmas break. Im so glad to live so close to thwm. I love them so much. My mom has gone out of her way to do all she could for me. She is the best example of kindness! She does so much! It's definitly not fun with only one hand. I am hoping when I go to the Dr. next week my hand will be all better... I can pray:) I did change one of Olivia's diapers this week- just a wet one and I am stressing over how I am going to change any poopy ones- especially since she likes to run away- Most of the time she is pretty good to lay still but not for every one, and since it takes me longer she gets impatient. And dressing her is a whole other story:) and getting myself dressed is a task too. Mike has helped out so much. He is a wonderful husband:) He doesnt have to work today Im so glad! I love it when he is home:) I know I just have to keep praying for help:) So this past week has been full of fun things(besides my hand throbbing) we have made Christmas cookies, went shopping, we took Olivia to the movies and saw Tangled- so cute! and /liv did so good at the theater. It takes me forever to type a post so I hope its not too long before my next one. It's so crazy that tomorrow is Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Fun Weekend Ends With A Dumb Mistake

The weekend started out fantastic. Mike first surprised me by taking me to the store and telling me to pick out whatever I wanted. After we ran to some more stores to finish up our Christmas shopping. We went to Pizza Factory for lunch and to end the day we decided to go look at lights at Thanksgiving Point to help us get in the Christmas mood. It had been a very relaxing fun day just hanging out with Mike and Olivia. After we put Olivia to bed, Mike and me were going to cuddle by the fire and watch a movie. Mike thought he was being funny by poking me with his popsicle stick and by instinct I turned to hit his leg. Instead, I ended up hitting his knee cap harder than I thought. My hand swelled up instantly and we ran to the emergency room. After they took x-rays we found out that I broke my hand (right below my pinkie). It's my right hand that broke and so it's going to take me a while to get used to using my left hand. It still hurts like crazy and now I have a half cast on it until the swelling goes down but in a week I have to get a hard cast on and have it on for a month or longer. My family is really great to help me out but I know I will have to change Olivia's diaper sometime. I don't know how people do things with just one arm. I just hope it heals faster than they say. It's going to be a trial. Especially with a 17 month old. It makes me realize how grateful I am that I have both arms and thankful for my sister for typing this post :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Can't forget the guys!

Michael(husband), Kevin(brother), Brady(brother in law), and Jon(brother in law)

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I love my sisters!

I love my sisters. This is dedicated to Kasi, Stephanie, and Melanie. Just wanted to make your day!

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Thank You Olivia

So I need to update on Olivia. She is 17 months! and she goes into nursery next month! Aah! It's so hard to think she is not a baby! Time is going by. She is really growing up too! She is starting to talk more and actually make out words. She says momma, and daddy really clear and she finally is saying(instead of just signing) Please and thank you, she says horse- Hirse:) and juice, she says small words clear and tries really hard to say big words, and she tries to copy what I tell her to say. She will fold her arms and kneel down for family prayer and she will say amen. She knows where all her body parts are, and she can tell you what animals say. She understands so much. She helps mommy clean and she will go put things away in their right places. She takes direction so well. She loves hide and seek. She loves to sing songs with me, and do the actions- little bunny foo foo, head shoulders knees and toes, ring around the rosie, etc...She loves playing with other kids and loves to share. She has such a great imagination- she will get pots and pans and pretend to be cooking and then have me taste what she makes and she will make the mmm sound for me:) She loves to put things together and figure them out. - like buckles- She is such a smartie pants! Her favorite animal is a horse- she loves the movie Spirit. She is such a drama queen lately though! She won't be hurt but she wants the attention so she pretends to be... silly girl:) She loves to dance! I want to put her in dance pretty soon. She has such an excellent beat with all songs she hears. She loves music, and playing my keyboard! She loves the Wii dance game. She loves to make us laugh! There is so much more I could write and there is so much more that she does, but I think this would be the longest blog post ever if I did. She makes my day everyday. I love her hugs and her kisses and she gives the best ones! I love how her smile just melts your heart and I love her silliness.

Love you sweet Olivia Zoe!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy December Monday

Christmas is just around the corner- I need it to snow again! I feel more Christmassy when there is snow. Just thought I would share some ideas for handouts for Christmas to use for V.T. or to give to neighbors- I can always use ideas:

Snowman Soup

( Give with 1 package hot chocolate, 3 candy kisses, 15 or more mini marshmallows, 1 Candy cane (mug optional) and poem)


Was told that you've been good this year,
Always glad to hear it.
With freezing weather drawing near,
You'll need to warm the Spirit.
So here's a little Snowman soup
Complete with stirring stick,
Add hot water & slip it slow
It's sure to do the trick.

Chex Mix Handout:

Santa "Chex" his list twice to see who's naughty and nice

Muffin Mix

Look's like you're gettin' "Muffin" for Christmas

Wire whisk filled with candy kisses

We "WHISK" you a Merry "KISSmas

Any Star Ornament

"Remember the reason for the season"


"May your days be happy, your heart be light, your
merry and the New Year Bright!!

here are a bunch more ideas:
  1. Any sweet treat: "Wishing you a season filled with sweetness!"
  2. A plate of cookies: "Wishing you a wonderful Christmas, from your "crummy" neighbors.
  3. Barq's Root Beer: "Have a wonderful Christmas, it shows you're "Barqing" up the right tree!"
  4. Any soda: "We're "soda-lighted" to wish you a Merry Christmas!"
  5. Popcorn: "We just "popped" in to wish you a Merry Christmas!"
  6. Loaf of bread: "For being there when you were "kneaded", for "rising" to the occasion, large or small. For never "loafing" on the job, for helping others "heel" with TLC. No matter how you "slice" it, you do a terrific job loving others."
  7. Bananas: "If we could choose our friends, and we searched the whole world through, we'd go "bananas" trying to find a better "bunch" than you!"
  8. Bear Shaped Honey: "Hoping our "honey" of a friend has a "beary" Merry Christmas".
  9. Microwave Popcorn and 2-liter of soda: "Pop, pop, fizz, fizz, oh what a good friend you is!"
  10. Mug with Hot Chocolate Mix: "To our special friends so dear, wishing you a cup of cheer."
  11. Eggnog: "Have an "udderly moovalous" holiday!"
  12. Ice Cream: "Have a cool yule!"
  13. Hershey's Kisses in a Wire Wisk: "We "whisk" you a merry "kiss" mas.
  14. Paper Towels: "Blot out your troubles, "absorb" the Christmas spirit!"
  15. Candle: "Hope your Christmas is full of light"
  16. Pencil and notepad: "Hope your Christmas is something to write home about!"
  17. Matches: "To our matchless friends"
  18. Bubble Gum or Bubble Bath: "May your holidays "bubble" over with fun!"
  19. 7Up: "7 Up ideas for a wonderful holiday season" (include 7 uplifting thoughts/ideas)
  20. Sprite: "May your Christmas be Merry and "Sprite"!"
  21. Rootbeer: "We're "rooting" for you to have a Happy Holiday Season!"
  22. Any Pop: "We're "soda-lighted" to have you as our friends!"
  23. Popcorn: "We're "popping" by with a holiday HI!"
  24. Chocolate Covered Cherries: "Wishing you a very "cherry" Christmas"
  25. Mints: "We "mint" to wish you a Merry Christmas"
  26. Snickers Candy Bar: "Don't "snicker" - just be glad you got something!"
  27. Cookie Dough - "Here's a little extra "dough" for Christmas"
  28. Jar of Jam: "Hoping your Christmas is "jam" packed with cheer"
  29. Veggies & Dip: "Dip into the holidays and a healthy New Year!"
  30. Pasta: Have a "pasta-tively" happy holiday!"
  31. Muffins or Muffin Mix: "You're gettin' "muffin" for Christmas!"
  32. Grater & Cheese: "To a "grate" neighbor"
  33. Seasoning Mix: "Seasoned with love - Happy Holidays!"
  34. Any Sweet Treat: "Wishing you a season full of sweetness!"
  35. Whisk Broom: "Take a break, From a Busy Day, and Sweep All Your Cares Away!"
  36. Basket of Bath Items: "When you feel like a basket case, take a break...and slow your pace"
  37. Basket of Rolls and Honey Bear: "Have a honey of a Christmas"
  38. Hershey's Kisses: "Merry "Kiss"mas"
  39. Bath oils, bubbles, salts: "The holidays can be a strain on our body and brain, so when you feel stressed, a hot bath is best, it truly will help keep you sane!"
  40. Soup mix: You're "souper" - Merry Christmas"
  41. Wooden spoon w/ favorite drink or baking mix: "Not a creature was "stirring"..."
  42. Oven Mitt filled w/ treats: "We have to ad-"mitt" you're a great neighbor!"
  43. Frozen cookie dough w/ cookie cutters: "Bake up some Christmas cheer!"
  44. Apple Cider w/wassail mix: "Spice Up Your Christmas!"
  45. Bag/Box of Whoppers: "Hope you have a "whopper" of a Christmas"
  46. M&M's: Have a Merry and Most Wonderful Holiday Season!"
  47. Frozen or Ready-To-Bake Pizza: "Warm up to a wonderful holiday season "topped" with Christmas cheer!"
  48. Apples and Hershey's Hugs: A teacher can't live by apples alone...she needs hugs too!"
  49. Popcorn Balls: "Hoping you have a "ball" this Christmas season"
  50. Jolly Ranchers: "Have a holly "jolly" Christmas"
  51. Chex Party Mix: "Remember Santa "chex" his list twice to see who's been naughty or be good for goodness sake!!!
  52. Box of Hostess Ho-Ho's:" Hope a merry "Ho-Ho-Ho" fills your heart the whole year through!"
  53. Jar of Jelly: "Jelly is like love -- you can't spread it around without getting some on yourself!"
  54. Christmas Tray: "We "tray"sure your friendship!"
  55. Bell: "With each chime of this festive bell, may a Christmas wish come true, and bring you peace and happiness to last the whole year through!"
  56. Yule Log: "We send you warm greetings this Christmas seasoning"
  57. Potpourri: "May this weet scent bring back thoughts of warm Christmasses long ago!"
  58. Cleaners: "You add sparkle and make our life brighter!"
  59. Nuts: "We're nuts about you!"
  60. Lifesavers: "You've been a life saver!"
  61. Juice pitcher filled with candy canes: "We pitcher you raising a little "cane" during the holidays"
  62. Broom or Feather Duster: "You're "dust" the finest neighbors we know!"
  63. Measuring Cup or Spoons: "Wishing you a joy beyond "measure"!"
  64. Star ornament: "Remember the reason for the season!"
  65. Chocolate Mousse Mix: "Merry Christmousse to our "deer" friends!"
  66. Wooden Spoon: "Whether stirring up cakes, cookies, soups or souffles; You'll find this sppon useful in so many ways. But whatever it's use, it says, "Merry Christmas from us to you!"
  67. Flower: "If friends were flowers, we'd pick you!"
  68. Heart Ornament: "May the joy and love you give away, come back to you on Christmas Day"
  69. Cinnamon Sugar for toast: "May your Christmas be sprinkled with laughter and love!"
  70. Christmas music: "May the sweet song of Christmas make your heart rejoice!"
  71. Filled Basket: "Wishing you a basket full of Christmas blessings"
  72. Salsa: "Add a little spice to your holidays"
  73. Stocking or Filled Jar: "Have a fun filled Christmas this year!"
  74. Candle: "May your days be happy, your heart be light, your Christmas merry and the New Year bright!!!"
  75. Calendar: "Keep Christmas in your heart the whole year through!"
  76. Sugar Cookies: "Rolling out a batch of Christmas cheer, for someone we think is very dear!"
  77. Cherry 7-Up: "Just a little Christmas cheer from Happy Hearts this time of year!"
  78. Sparkling Cider: "Wising you a sparkling hoilday season!"
  79. Warm casserole or bread: "Bundled up with warm wishes"
  80. Eggbeater: "Have an "eggstra" special holiday!"
  81. Pie: "Wishing you a scrupmtuous Christmas"
  82. Oranges: " Orange" you glad we're Friends!?" Merry Christmas!!
  83. Chocolate Orange: "Orange" you glad it's Christmas? Hope your Christmas is a Sweet one!
  84. Ice Cream Snowballs and Hot Fudge: "Here's some packaged"snowball" treats - Just Drizzle Hot Fudge and its ready to eat!...Enjoy!!"
  85. Box of Light Bulbs: "Have a bright and radiant Christmas"
  86. Anything Santa: "Ho - Ho - Hoping your Christmas is Heavenly!"
  87. Anything Angel: "Hoping you have a Heavenly Christmas!!"
  88. Gingerbread House: "Nibble, Nibble like a mouse, We hope you'll nibble at this house!" Merry Christmas!!
  89. Mugs with Hot Chocolate Mix: "To our special friends who are so Dear, We wish you all a cup of Cheer!"
  90. Cocoa Mix: "Wishing you a warm and wonderful Christmas!"
  91. Gum: "By Gum, You're a great Neighbor!! "Have a Merry Christmas"
  92. Christmas Shaped pasta: "Have a Pasta-tively Happy Holiday!"
  93. Jar of Jam: "Hoping you have a Holiday "Jammed" packed with fun!!" "Have a "Berry" nice holiday season!!" Or "Hoping your Christmas is "Jam-packed" with Christmas Cheer!!"
  94. Homemade Frozen Rolls - "Here's a little holiday treat. Rise and bake, it can't be beat! Warm fresh rolls just for you. Top with butter that's all you do! Warm Holiday Greetings to you"
  95. Brownie Mix (or other mix): "Whip up this mix for a wonderful holiday fix! Wishing you a "rich" Holiday Season!!" (Attatch the recipe!)
  96. Homemade carmels: Hoping you have a "Rich" and "wonderful" Holiday!!"
  97. Pie: "Just a "Holiday Hi" and a tasty Pie!! Happy Holidays!!"
  98. Divinity: "May your Christmas be "Devine" and your Holidays so Fine! Sweet Christmas Wishes!"
  99. Rice Krispie Treats: "Snap, Crackle, Pop" We think You're really Tops!"
  100. Toffee or Brittle: "Any way you break it, We think you're the greatest!"
  101. Fudge: "Fudge" a little on the calories and enjoy the Holiday Season!"
  102. Cheese Ball and Crackers: "We don't mean to sound "Cheesey", we just hope you have a "Ball" this Holiday Season! Or "Spread a little Christmas Cheer this Holiday Season!"
  103. Apple Anything (pie, cobbler, crisp, muffins etc.): "Sending you a "Bushel" of love this holiday Season!!" Or " You are the apple of my eye, Teacher!"
  104. Banana Bread: "Banana Bread just for you, because you have so much to do... We also love you a whole "Bunch" too! Merry Christmas!"
  105. Cinnamon Rolls: "Here's a sweet treat "Rolled" up with warm Holiday Wishes! Merry Christmas!"
  106. Homemade Chocolates: "You're so sweet...having you as neighbors is really a treat! Have a Heavenly Holiday Season!"
  107. Cake or Cupcakes: "You take the "Cake" neighbor, We think you're first rate! Happy Holidays to you!!"
  108. Cornbread or Mix: "We're not trying to be "Corny" we just want you to have Merry Christmas!"
  109. Carrot Cake: " I Really "Carrot" alot about you!! Merry Christmas"
  110. Spiced Drink Mixes: "Hoping your Holidays are "Spiced" Just right!"
  111. Recipe: "Just like you's tried and true, just for you! Happy Holiday Baking or Merry Christmas Cooking!"
  112. Pizza - "Hope your Holiday has a touch of "Pizza - z!!" Merry Christmas!!"
  113. Crayons and Coloring Book: Hope your Holidays are Colorful!
  114. Plant: "The kindness you showmakes our friendship grow and grow! Hope you have a Happy Holiday!!"
  115. Stuffed animal: "Pawsing" to wish you a Merry Christmas!"
  116. Donuts: "Donut" you know we love you??? Have a happy Holiday!!"
  117. Tree shaped pasta, tree shaped container or a small Christmas tree: "Hope your Christmas is "tree-mendous"!"
  118. Payday candy bar: "It's the "nutty" time of the year again, so please don't lose your cool! Relax, and much this little treat and have a happy yule!"
  119. Squeeze-It Juice drink & a Hershey's Kiss: "Here's a "squeeze and a "kiss", to remind you you're loved all through the year!"
  120. Salsa & Tortilla Chips: "Have a hot and spicy Christmas!"
  121. Scouring pad/sponge: "I scoured the earth for a friend like you!"

Friday, December 10, 2010

Birthday Fun

Yesterday was my birthday. I love that my birthday is in December:) I'm now 23! It was such a fun day. Mike started my birthday off with chocolate and roses the night before. My family came over the day of my birthday and I opened presents from them and I love everything! ( I think I am the easiest person to shop for:)) My mom got me these amazing beautiful crystal, diamond earrings. I tried to take a pic but I can't get a clear one of them. Plus a picture wouldn't do them just. I got a bunch of other fun things too- clothes, scrapbook stuff, makeup, candy, etc. Mike got home early from work so we could go out and celebrate. I have been needing some new pj's and so Mike got me the cutest pink PJ outfit set with the cutest slippers and warm warm robe- I love it! Olivia is sick so my sweet sister stayed and watched her so we could go out. We went to my favorite place for dinner- Carrabas! mmm... It was so yummy! After dinner we went and saw Unstoppable- A MUST TO SEE! It was an awesome movie. I love Denzel Washington movies! They never seem to disappoint you:) We haven't been to the movies in..... FOREVER! It was such a fun birthday thanks to the people I love!
I'm 23 and I am married to a wonderful husband, I have the best daughter anyone could ever ask for- They are both my world! Mike works so hard to give us a great life, and Olivia is my everything.

So more about me: ( just a few of the things I love)

I love all girly things- clothes, makeup, jewelery, anything that glitters, anything Pink and anything cute and frilly


I am not a chick flick type of girl- they are the last movies I want to watch. I much prefer action movies to anything: Cellular, Batman, Enemy of the State or Lord Of The Ring- or any Will Smith movie:)

I am really into scrapbook stuff- I love making banners and cards- I like the actual scrap booking part but that can get so expensive



Cereal- I could eat it all day long mmm


Cake or Doughnuts- I'm not that big into ice cream

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Party Weekend

This past weekend was so much fun! We all got together on my side of the family and had our family Christmas party on Saturday. We all went ice skating at Seven Peaks. Mike and me haven't been in forever. It was so much fun. They don't allow strollers on the ice so Olivia got to ice skate too. She looked so cute wearing the tiny ice skates. She would even try to move her feet on the ice, but most of the time her legs were limp while we held up her arms. She loved it! We will definitely go again really soon... maybe for my birthday...

After Seven Peaks we went down to the shops at Riverwoods to Blickenstaffs. Its such a fun toy store, and they have all the British candy etc. We played around for a little bit and then we went home to change for our fancy dinner. The plan for this party was to dress up for dinner- in Tuxes and prom dresses etc... - and just have a sort of fancy party at home, but instead my mom kept it a secret that we were going out to eat while we were all dressed up. Everyone was such a good sport! So with all the guys in their suits and tuxes, and us girls in our old high school prom dresses- and I mean all of us even my parents:) and we even dressed Olivia up we all went out to eat at The Old Spaghetti Factory.

It was so fun- and it was also Pleasant Groves High School Preference so we thought we might look like we are trying to blend in:) and to show off our fancy outfits after dinner we decided to go to the mall. I think everyone was wondering what a family was doing in our fancy outfits. I have always wanted to dress up after high school and do something like this, and it was really fun doing it with my family. You know how they have those piano's at the mall that they pay people to pay to play? Well, my brother, Kevin, decided to sit and play some Christmas songs on an empty one... He is really amazing at the piano- he played some Transiberian Orchestra songs and we kind of got a crowd gathered. At least we didn't get kicked out:)

So after all our fun at the mall we headed home to have our gift exchange. Just us kids drew names and I think everyone loved what they got:) After we enjoyed some red velvet cheesecake from the cheesecake factory...mmm..., and played games. Olivia was such an awesome sport all day long with only getting little naps during the car rides:)

It was so much fun being with family this past weekend. I'm so lucky that I live so close to family. My parents really made this a fun and special weekend, and I can't wait to see everyone for Christmas!

(pictures courtesy of Stephanie Hyde)

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I went out this morning to get Olivia's coat out of the car and it had snowed so much and was still snowing like crazy when I went out. Im glad I did because we would be snowed in. They are shoveling the snow but its coming down like crazy so once they clear it its all back again! Olivia loves it! I took her out and she didn't know what to do. I need to buy her some gloves. I just put really thick socks on her hands but she wants to grab the snow. It's finally beginning to look a lot like Christmas:)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

This year we went to Mike's family for Thanksgiving. DeAnn and her family were there too so it was nice to see them since we don't see them that often. The food was wonderful.
Things I love about Thanksgiving:

1. Being with Family
2. Homemade Rolls
3. Chocolate Pie
4.Being able to eat and eat all day long no matter how full you feel .... and everyone being okay with it:)

Olivia was so cute with Grandpa. She liked to share the cards with him.


Thursday night Steph and Jon came and stayed the night with us. I debated whether or not to get up and go shopping. Luckily, they didn't want to go so early. We did go shopping on Friday at about 10 in the morning and it didnt feel like Black Friday to me... Im sure at Wal-mart and Target it might have but we just went to the mall and it really wasn't that bad. It was like any other Saturday. So we were glad. Kasi and Brady stayed with us Friday night. It was so fun having family visiting us. They even made us dinner and it was delicious! Olivia warms up so quick and was such a goofy girl with them:)

Today is Mike's dads birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So we went over for a birthday lunch and played cards. Its been such a nice, very relaxing weekend!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Smile Worth A Thousand Words

Align Center
Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Olivia's Hiding Place

This is where Olivia likes to hide lately:

(Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen!)

Olivia is all better! Yay:) But, mommy is sick now:( I hate being sick, because I feel like an awful mommy. I still play with Olivia but, you know how you feel when you are sick you just want to stay in bed and sleep and, its so hard to not kiss her chubby cheeks:)! Hopefully Mike stays healthy. I just hope I am all better by Thanksgiving! That gives me about a week to get better.... Wish me luck!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Wal- Mart Scare

Today I saw one of the scariest things. (I don't know every detail of what happened so here is the short version.) I walked into wal-mart and there lying on the ground was a little girl not moving. She was about Olivia's age. My heart sank and I could feel my eyes starting to fill up with tears. There were a group of people around trying to help out the mom who was panicking and trying everything to make her daughter breath. They had called 911 so paramedics were on their way. I thought maybe she was choking on something since they kept saying she couldn't breath. Others were saying she was having a seizure. Some said they think she fell out of the cart because she was bleeding, but I don't know exactly what happened. My heart just kept sinking deeper. It was so scary to think I couldn't do anything to help, especially being a mom now I just kept thinking of Olivia. I just prayed the whole time I was at Wal-Mart that she would be okay. The paramedics did get there and they did resuscitate her. She started crying and her mom carried her out to the ambulance. So that did bring some relief to my heart, but I can't imagine how that mom is feeling.
I just remember how I felt when I was at Roberts Craft with Olivia and how she choked on a balloon string, and she started shaking since she couldn't breath and I panicked because I couldn't get it out of her.Luckily Olivia was alright.Things like that just really hit you especially when its children because they are so helpless when they are that small. I keep praying that, that mom will feel alright and that her child will be fine too. I guess seeing that happen you just realize even more how important family is.

Happy Monday!

Have a great Monday!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Poor Olivia

So Olivia is sick. Its funny though because she still gets little hyper moments and then its like she is not herself the next second. I changed her into her clothes today and she went straight to lay down, and had me cover her with a blanket. I hate her being sick, but I love that she wants me. We just cuddled all day yesterday. I miss the days when she would fall asleep on me. So I cherish every moment she does want to fall asleep on me. I love that she will still cuddle though.

We haven't done much this week, since she has been sick, and since its been freezing. We did watch it snow for a little bit yesterday, and I did put up some more Christmas stuff. The weeks lately go by so fast to me. Maybe it's the Holidays coming up. I can't believe its already Thursday this week. Thanksgiving is in two weeks! Yay! And Christmas isn't too far. We actually have all of our shopping done! I think everyone had the same idea of getting it done early cause the stores and streets and so crazy and crowded! I'm actually glad we are done. I do love the Christmas shopping but, I hate the crowds, so at least we have got everything we needed too.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas Project

I made this fun wreath yesterday. I love how it turned out. Sorry the second picture is so blurry.
All you need for this wreath is a wire hanger and a bunch of ornaments- I didnt have all the same size ornaments but I think it still turned out cute with the different size ones- I didn't want to wait to go buy them so I just used what I had , and then some ribbon, hot glue gun w/glue:)

Here are the instructions I found:

Take one of these...


and bend it into the form of a circle. Then, grab your glue gun and as many round ornaments in varying sizes as you can find. You'll need about 80 in all. Whenever I do my tree, I like the more unusual shapes, so it's always the round ones I have left over. Even if you don't, though, you can always find them for reasonable prices at a discount retailer, especially after the holidays.


To secure the metal cap to the ball, dab a little hot glue and press. That way, the cap will remain attached as the ornaments are strung.


Next, untwist the end of the hanger, then string one ornament at a time, making sure to alternate the placement and colors as desired. Use smaller sizes to fill in the gaps!


Check out the final result! To secure it to the door (make sure it's on the interior!), I used the hook end of the hanger, together with a little wire. Then I covered it up with bubblegum pink satin ribbon and a bow. How simple and beautiful is that?


Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1st

So yes today I started to put out Christmas decorations. I dont think its too early, because I want it to last for as long as I can make it. I don't have a ton of decorations but I guess we really don't have the storage room for it.

Olivia has been so happy today. Everything has been making her laugh, its so cute. So far today we have set up what Christmas stuff we have right now, took my sister Melanie to get her eyebrows waxed- I really need to go buy another wax station, ran to the beauty supply store to get some things- I guess even though I don't do hair as much I'm still glad I am able to go buy things at the beauty supply stores, let Olivia run around, and now she is taking a nap and I need to finish cleaning my house.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Besides the weather being rather wet and cold, it was a pretty fun Halloween. Olivia had a super warm costume, but we didn't do too much trick or treating. We went to the people we know and we got tons of candy!- thanks mom and dad:) Olivia made the cutest Mickey/Minnie mouse! I didn't think we would get her to wear it. I tried it on her in the morning and she threw the biggest fit. Luckily, she will wear what mommy tells her to if she wants to go outside:) She did really good to keep the head part on. We did go to the mall and walk around for a while and by the time we left it was pouring! We went to Nordstroms and a friend, Rachelle, drew whiskers and a little nose on her face to complete her costume. She sat really good for her.

So Olivia really got her burst of sugar yesterday. This was her last night:
(she would spin and make herself so dizzy)Align Center

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I believe Target has to be my favorite store. I love their clothes, especially their little girl clothes. They are getting the cutest outfits in and they look like they are from Gap! I bought Olivia the cutest outfits from there last week. I bought her the cutest holiday outfit- a way cute plaid (black and gray) skirt- but dressy- and an adorable bright, red Cardigan. A friend bought her the cutest sparkly red girly shoes last night and so they will complete the outfit:) I also got her a knit black and white polka dot dress, a white cute as can be sweater/jacket, and some more. I love their prices as well! I think I will always love Baby Gap too, but I don't like their prices. And we bought Olivia a snow suit last night. It's pink and brown. I can't upload and pictures its being dumb, but Ill take some of Olivia when she wears them.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

White Wednesday!

Yes its the first snow of this year. I am so excited for Christmas lately and this got me even more in the mood for it- I know Halloween is this weekend and Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet, but I always get so excited this time of year for Christmas. I love stores putting out Christmas stuff! I love Tai Pan Trading right now! It's just so cheery:) I'll admit I'm one to put Christmas decorations up pretty early too! I just like to make them last. I love Christmas colors: they just are so happy and bright. I took some pictures of the Backyard this morning. There is just something about the first snow that I love.

This is Olivia's first year at really seeing the snow. (Olivia's reaction to the snow) :

She was so shocked to see all the white. She touched a little snow but didn't like how cold it was. We still need to buy her a snow suit so we are planning on buying her one pretty soon, so we can be more ready for when it really snows..

I had to share Olivia's Obsession with shoes... She absolutly loves them! All of them. She would be happy with a pile of shoes all day long. She loves to wear all of mommy's high heels and she will put them on and walk around in them. The same with Daddy's big work boots- well she can't really walk in them but its so funny how much she loves them- yup! She is such a girly girl. She pretty much has the same obsession with all my purses and earings!