Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mike's Other Baby...

His car, of course:) He loves his car so much. It's his second baby... but it does not compare to Olivia:) Sadly, it is for sale so if there are any lookers...:)

Here Comes Olivia!

I just have to say I have the sweetest baby girl. She is at such a fun stage right now. She is wanting to walk so much, and is even taking steps by herself. When she sees other kids she wants to do what they are doing. I love everything about her and love her personality! It's really coming out a lot more and its so much fun to see all the things she is figuring out!

( These are some of the headbands we are making for the boutique)

Monday, April 26, 2010


So Mike and me finally watched Avatar and my movie review of it will probably make a lot of people mad but its just what I thought of it. Maybe it's just cause everyone was really talking it up I was expecting something extremely amazing and ... the graphics were awesome, I won't lie, but when the animation/ graphics were next to the humans it looked just too fake to me. I had a hard time getting into and I didn't really get into it until half way through. Maybe it would have been better if I had watched it in 3D. I won't argue with the animation and colors- I just think if it had all been animation maybe I would have liked it better, and don't get me wrong I am all about action movies but I guess I just wasn't as crazy about this one as everyone else. I think when it comes to mixing real life and animation together in a movie, the top movie would have to be Transformers.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Booth:)

Here are some pictures of our booth. We couldn't get a full picture because there isn't a lot of space to take pictures but here are some just to give you an idea of some things we are selling:

This is one kid of the flowers we are selling-

If you want to see more of the tutus and pettiskirts we are selling check out

Spring Boutique!

So I have been helping my friend Tiffanie making some cute things for some boutiques we are going to do. She has a website- and on it she makes and sells the most adorable tutus and pettiskirts so check it out! At the boutiques we do we are making/selling tutus, pettiskirts, shirts, knot dresses, hair clips, headbands, birthday onesies and a hat with them, and they are all turning out way cute. Today was our first day at our first boutique in Lehi- - Ivory Ridge Swim and Tennis Club, 32 E Clubview lane- today it goes til 9, Friday from 9:30- 8, Saturday 9:30-6. It goes through Saturday so come check it out-also check out the website I really think our booth is the most creative one there. We made a wall out of old wood and have the cutest picture collage of some of Tiff's tutus. And there are a ton of other cute booths to check out too! I will post pictures of things we make. We are planning on doing quite a few boutiques. I have always wanted to open my own boutique shop so maybe someday but for now I am enjoying working with Tiff and learning to make such way cute stuff!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Olivia Vs. Grass

Olivia does not like the touch of grass on her bare feet. I took a blanket outside and she crawled all around it to the grass but was so afraid to touch it. At one time she got off the blanket and realized she was on the grass and was too scared to crawl back on the blanket even though it was only a few inches away! Its so funny how she acts on it she will put both legs up in the air until we pick her up:)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What A Voice!

Olivia is talking (gibberish) a lot more lately and she can be quite loud.

Also I have still been in the craft mood lately so I made a door sign for Olivia's room:

Align Center

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day At The Park

We went to the discovery park today for the first time with Olivia. I can't wait until she is walking and can really play at the park. She loves going down the slides and swinging on the swings.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weird Sleeping Position

So I went in to check on Olivia during her nap today... And I found her like this. Yes she was sleeping like this... Ever since she has figured out how to get up from laying down its like she does it instantly as soon as I put her down for either a nap or for bed:) She just doesn't want to miss anything.

Monday, April 12, 2010

9 Months Today

We are so blessed to have such a perfect baby girl! She brings so much joy to our lives! I really can't believe that she is 9 months already! I also can't believe how smart she is. I just don't know what I would do without her! She is starting to say "Momma" more clear now, crawling way fast, balancing herself on her own and sometimes taking a few steps, getting more teeth, and just being her silly self! We love her like crazy!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Olivia's Room

So I finally took some pics of Olivia's room. Mike is planning on making her a toy box for all her toys. Right now we have them in a bin- most of them are out in our living room:) But this is the before picture:


I love this chandelier! I got it from Tia Pan Trading.

I made her some frames to clip all her flower clips.

It finally looks like a bedroom:)

Vacation Fun!

Mike and me went with my parents and Melanie and Kevin this past weekend to St. George. It was just the vacation we needed!We stayed at the Ramada Hotel. It was so much fun just hanging by the pool, shopping and relaxing:) The weather was perfect for vacationing! It was the first time Olivia got to go swimming and she absolutely loved the water! We left on Friday morning and came back on Sunday- so it was a pretty short vacation but a lot of fun. On Saturday Mike and me went to Vegas and just walked around. My parents watched Olivia while we went. It was so much fun hanging out with my family! K so Olivia is such a goof! She is so entertaining! We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse- YUM- and she was such a wild one! She kept bouncing up and down and shaking and screaming and laughing! She kept trying to grab people's hair who sat behind us. And then about every 30 minutes the servers there stop and start country line dancing and she got really into it! Well she was waving her arms and sort of dancing with them. But she loved it! Her favorite thing to do while we were in St George was to take everything out of the cooler we brought!

On the car ride up.

(My mom and Mike were taking the picture)

Olivia wasn't too fond of the yellow floaty:)

Mike bought some new Oakley sunglasses. They look TIGHT!