Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Family, Hiking, Dance

Our life is crazy lately. Last weekend Amy and her family were up and it was so fun to see them. I love hanging out with Amy! I wish they lived closer. We went on a fun hike up Payson canyon and had some family bbq's. It was a fun weekend.

 Grandma Smith and all the grandkids- Korver was so clingy as ever!!!

And I shot my first deer:)
Olivia still loves dance so much! So we made her more of a ballet tutu so she could feel even more like a ballerina!:) Isn't she the cutest ever!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Little Ballerina

So Olivia loves dance class!!! And I recorded her this last time so the video below is a little long- but it will give you a glance at how cute she is. I put music to it so you didnt have to hear the other parents conversations since we have to watch through a glass window. So everyday this week since dance class she has been wanting to watch Ballet performances- like the 2 hour russian ballet ones on youtube!!!! She loves it and then she will dance around and try to copy them. So lately classical ballet music plays a lot in our house. And then at night right before bed she will be so cute and tell us she is our dance teacher and teach us what she learned in dance! I love how girly she is!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Family, Dance, Work, Sports, Exercise...

You may be asking what are we up to lately since my posts have been super short! Well... we have been keeping pretty busy. Last week Mike and me both got sick with cold chills, sore throat, headaches not fun at all. Luckily our kids stayed hyper and healthy.

My uncle Ronnie came for a visit from Cali. and so we have been hanging out with family. We went to Park City since he has never been and took him on the Alpine Coaster and Slide. We took Olivia on them as well and she loved them! She was my ride partner and we went the full speed on the coaster which she loved!!! We walked around Park City for a little while and then went to the outlets.

Olivia has been loving dance class. The last two times it seriously took her half of the class to even warm up, but at least she wasnt the only one who just stood there:) Then yesterday at dance she copied everything her teacher did the entire class time!!!! I was so proud of her! But I forgot my camera so I wasnt able to record her. It was one of those rushing to get ready mornings! She did so awesome though.

When Mike and me both got sick, Mike was wonderful to take half a day off of work to stay home and help me get better:) Mike has been keeping way busy at work. And keeping up with sports! Anyone want to join his football fantasy league??? Also detailing cars has been keeping him busy too. Anyone need their cars cleaned before the winter season comes???

 Besides the usuall stay at home mom stuff I have been busy with photo shoots! and ward volleyball just started so that will keep me busy on Thursday nights. And then I have started to run! I know can you believe that I have started running??!!!! For those of you who know me with exercising.... we dont mix and so this should come as a shocker to everyone! First I started walking with friends and decided I am not a morning exerciser:) My mom has been my running partner in the beginning and then she cracked her knee cap so while she is taking it easy I have been dragging my sis Melanie along with me:) And then when she cant I have had to go by myself of course but I have been really good about not stopping- which is just easier when you have a partner ya know. So I dont run too far I have mostly just been glad to be able to run a mile without stopping, but now its been between 2- 2 1/2 miles without stopping:) Too all my friends out there who are way into exercising I know this probably seems weak but it is a huge accomplishment for me! I am trying to get into shape so I have been changing my eating habits too which I need to be more strict with! Hey but at least I will eat Salads now!!!(this should come as a major shocker too- me and healthy foods dont mix either) 

Well to all you followers have a wonderful week!!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

What Does A Doggy Say?

Korver has been doing awesome with his animal sounds!...dont really know whats up with the piggy sound but his facial expression is priceless!