Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Merry Christmas! (part 1)

I know we still have a week before Christmas but just thought I would give a family update and let you all have a look at our Christmas picture since Im not sure if we will have time to send everyone we love their own personal one:) This is part 1 of this blog post mostly about our kids and in the next one Ill write more about Mike and me.
Olivia: Is the cutest, most adorable 4 year old! She absolutely loves Pre-school and has learned so much! She loves letters and numbers and loves to write her name and try to write everyone else's names as well:) she is our little artist. Loves her polly pockets and playing with friends and Korver. She is so curious about everything always asking questions. This year was the first Christmas we had an "elf" come to our house and its been so cute seeing her reaction for when she finds him, and catching her talking to him:) I seriously love this age! She is so girl, but daddy does have her trained with who our football team is and if you ask her "Who has it better than us?" She will tell you "NOBODY!" (that is from the 49ers for those of you who do not know(or obviously aren't cheering for the right team:))
Korver: Seriously look at him! I could just eat him up all day long. Anyone who says he is not the cutest lil' boy is crazy! He is the most adorable lil guy and I cant get enough of him. He loves his sister so much and wants to play with her all the time! And as you can see in the picture he has to have his two favorite dinos with him ALL THE TIME! He cant and will not a go anywhere without them. He has to take them to nursery and just everywhere- it gets very stressful when we cannot find them! Even though his favorite now has no arms and is about to break in half...He has a ton of other dinosaurs but these two are his favorite- T-Rex! He is all about dinosaurs. Loves any dinosaur movie. Loves to pretend to be a dinosaur, and he loves to play with Olivia and her polly pockets but we catch him eating the polly pockets with his dinos:)