Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fresh Air

After being sick for almost the whole week I thought we needed some fresh air. We went to a park up in Cedar Hills and I let Olivia play at the playground after I took a few pics of her.


(this post will contain the words: throw-up)

So for the past few days we have all been sick! On Sunday we went to a BBQ and we were all fine. Mike went into work on Monday and he was supposed to be gone until late late that night, and all morning I was fine. Then around 4ish I guess thats when I started to feel kind of nauseous, but I really didn't want to throw up so I tried to not move so much. Olivia was still taking her nap when she woke up and threw up all over the couch. And luckily Mike came home way earlier than I thought because after Olivia threw up I couldn't clean up the mess because it hit me too. So for the next little while it was just me and liv sick, and then it hit Mike that night. All night I dont think any of us slept. We were either cleaning up Olivia or running to the bathroom ourselves. Mike took off work the next day and thankfully my mom came and took the kids. I thought we were fine the next day but no still sick just no throw up ( except liv that night) and mike did go to work but he probably should have stayed home and so today I am hoping we are better.... I guess this sickness is going around to everyone lately and its airborne or something, and it should last min. 72 hrs if your lucky (if you get it, which I pray you dont) So sorry if I have not been answering my phone as I have probably been in the bathroom:(

Saturday, September 24, 2011

More Headbands: Elizabeth

So Im making more headbands and have asked some people if I could use their girls to model them to take pictures of them. This is my niece Elizabeth. These are just some of the pictures I took of her + it was great photography practice:)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vintage Headband Photo Shoot...

...Of Olivia of course:)
So I have started to make these headbands again- "Vintage Miss Olivia" headbands to start selling again

She can be such a stinker when it comes to taking pictures of her. Occasionally I can get some cute ones... what am I saying? Every picture of her is cute! But what I mean is where she will sit still for the camera- you know how 2 year olds are:)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Photography Challenge

So I decided that I am not going to do the 30 day challenge right now- I know that it should be easy to take a different picture each day but life seriously gets busy especially with me and my kids. I am happy to take pictures of them all day for 30 days straight but right now I dont have time to do the actual 30 day challenge- so in the future I will but for now I guess Ill just practice when I get time to0:) anyways now time for a family update:
Korver is 4 months and just the cutest little baby boy:)
Olivia is talking so much. And such an entertainer!
We have their halloween costumes- Olivia is going to be Princess Jasmine and Korver is going to be a tiger- like Rajah- only just a tiger costume.
Mike and me are doing great. Our house just got sprayed for spiders(yay) So I will post a better update later.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Photo 1

For my first photo I wanted to do a self- portrait but with no makeup or editing the photo.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Photography Challenge

So I am addicted to Pinterest- I know I spend way too much time on it-(if anyone needs an invite let me know:)) And as I pin things, and repin ideas I wonder when I will actually get to them. I'm thinking probably when I have a house or when I get the motivation to do them:) But for now I am just happy pinning the ideas. Anyways so I found a 30 Day Photography challenge that I want to do. I am just going to copy the outline of this one but create my own. I may keep some of the ideas but I want to try and come up with my own ideas for it. I have been trying to practice taking more pictures latley and so this will give me a good opportunity to since I have two kids that keep me pretty busy:)My plan is to post each day for the thirty days- we will see if I start today or tomorrow:) Anyone else up for the challenge?

Monday, September 12, 2011

4 Months!

4 Months! This guy is 4 months old!(on the 8th he turned four months) He keeps getting cuter each day! He is almost rolling over all the way. Almost is sitting up by himself. He is such a talker and loves to eat his feet:) He is so happy and we love hearing him laugh. He is such an easy baby to make smile.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hogel Zoo Fun

On Saturday we went to Hogel Zoo. I thought the weather was perfect- and we left just before it started pouring:) My kids are gettin' so big! Here are some pictures from our day: