Thursday, September 15, 2011

Photography Challenge

So I decided that I am not going to do the 30 day challenge right now- I know that it should be easy to take a different picture each day but life seriously gets busy especially with me and my kids. I am happy to take pictures of them all day for 30 days straight but right now I dont have time to do the actual 30 day challenge- so in the future I will but for now I guess Ill just practice when I get time to0:) anyways now time for a family update:
Korver is 4 months and just the cutest little baby boy:)
Olivia is talking so much. And such an entertainer!
We have their halloween costumes- Olivia is going to be Princess Jasmine and Korver is going to be a tiger- like Rajah- only just a tiger costume.
Mike and me are doing great. Our house just got sprayed for spiders(yay) So I will post a better update later.

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  1. Your kids are so cute! They have gotten so big. I love your baby boy's hair. Our little Marrick's hair was like that! You are so talented too! I loved Olivia's bedroom. AMAZING!