Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Photography Challenge

So I am addicted to Pinterest- I know I spend way too much time on it-(if anyone needs an invite let me know:)) And as I pin things, and repin ideas I wonder when I will actually get to them. I'm thinking probably when I have a house or when I get the motivation to do them:) But for now I am just happy pinning the ideas. Anyways so I found a 30 Day Photography challenge that I want to do. I am just going to copy the outline of this one but create my own. I may keep some of the ideas but I want to try and come up with my own ideas for it. I have been trying to practice taking more pictures latley and so this will give me a good opportunity to since I have two kids that keep me pretty busy:)My plan is to post each day for the thirty days- we will see if I start today or tomorrow:) Anyone else up for the challenge?

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  1. Oh my heck! I am obsessed with pinterest too! I love love love it! Haha. I am confused on the invite thing though. They put me on some wait list thing? Anyways if you can help me get on it so I can pin things I would love it! :)