Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Haircut!

Yes I never thought I was going to cut Korver's hair this young, expecially since I want him to have a "shag" style as a little boy but I figured it will grow back in no time. Korver is just about 4 months old. His hair was too his shoulders. I thought I would just trim up the back but Korver wouldn't hold very still for me so I ended up cutting off more than I had planned. He has a lot of hair but it's really fine so I think this will make it grow back thicker. I still left the top long but tried to blend it with it being short on the sides and back. He is a really jumpy baby when it comes to loud noises so I just did a scissor cut- for those of you who don't know I did go to cosmetology school. Anyways here are the before and after pics. It was just getting so long in the back and sides and I couldn't really shape it into a shag yet because the top still needs to grow some more where it will lay down more, but I think its going to grow back pretty fast.


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