Monday, September 30, 2013

FHE @the Smith Home

Finally a post!  I bet you have given up on me I have been so busy!  So for fhe tonight or lesson was on working together as a family. I find I have to find creative fhe lessons for this age of children:) so we made Apple pie cookies off of pinterest and talked about how everyone in the family needs to work together so we can be together forever. So as we made the cookies the crust represented the parents so first we put the bottom layer of crust down then a layer of caramel then Apple pie filling then another crust on top.  So we explained to Olivia and korver the crust holds the pie all together just like mommy and daddy help hold the family together but we still need the caramel and Apple's Rio make the cookies taste good just like we need everyone in the family to work to keep our family together.  If that makes sense:) It worked really well and sounded more clear as we taught it:) they turned out pretty yummy too:)