Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Monday!

With all that has been going on this past month- funeral, car accident, water damage in our apt here is something to lighten things up:

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Finally Found!

We knew one day we would find a witch/wizard in our family...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dennis Ralph Smith

Dennis Ralph Smith
Born: November 27, 1940- Passed Away: January 15, 2012

Front Of Program



Back Of Program

The funeral service went perfect. Everything looked beautiful and just how Dennis would have wanted it! Mike's mom looked beautiful and so did everything else. The flowers, the set-up, just everything!Mike's dad looked just how he always looked- you know how some have too much makeup or just do not look like themselves, well it was all just perfect. Such an emotional day, but what can you expect. We were able to go early and let the grankids see Grandpa before anyone else got there. Olivia didn't really know what to think. For some of the Grankids it is hitting harder, but for the little ones not so much. We got to take some pictures. It was wonderful to see so many people show up and show their respects to Mike's mom and the rest of the family. You could definitly tell Dennis was a loved man! All of the talks and music at the funeral went perfect. Mike did a beautiful job on dedicating the burial plot! My heart goes out to Mike's mom, his sisters and their families and Mike so much! I loved Dennis and love all of them. Every night Olivia has been saying how much she misses and loves Grandpa. We keep telling her she will see him again one day and that he is in Heaven. The night before the day of the funeral I drew Mike's mom a picture as a gift. And then I drew another one for Mike today. I really like to draw especially if it's something that will mean something.

Here are some pictures from the funeral:

All of the Grandkids

Sunday, January 15, 2012

You Will Be Missed!

Mike's dad passed away this morning. He will be deeply missed! So I haven't been the best daughter-in-law about going over and visiting these past years that I have known him without having a reason. We have gone over a bunch of times but there has always been a reason. Either: to play card games,dinner, holidays, fishin', birthdays etc.... but just these past few months where I actually did go over and just talk with him to keep him company with Olivia and Korver, made me wish I had gone over more- just to visit, with no reason. It was really nice finding out about his life, and just more about him. For Mike for Christmas I went over and had him write a letter to Mike to put in his stocking, and Im really glad I did! I will miss his personality so much. Im just glad to know this life is not the end.

Thank You For Everything! We know you are in a better place! We will miss you!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

As of late

So Korver turned 8 months on the 8th and I wanted to post then but its been busy. Anyways here are 8 things Korver does so cute:

1. Practically crawls everywhere and gets into everything!-Im calling it
2. Dances to music- when he hears it he shakes his head and wiggles his body to it
3. Gives the biggest hugs
4. Gives the best kisses
5. Follows his sister around
6. Cuddles to fall asleep- puts his head on my shoulder
7. If you laugh at him he will laugh right back- usually
8. Starting to play hide and seek games

So I have been doing a lot a crafts lately and I helped make a poster for my Mom's ward for YW- The popcorn was really fun to make. They are having a valentines fundraiser for girls camp.

Popcorn made out of marshmallows!-its topped with yellow glitter:)

Then in my ward Im on the R.S. Commitee for "enrichment" and we are theming our year around Charity so we wanted to make a box where every week sisters could write anonymously what someone did for them and then at the end of the year we will read them. So I volunteered to make the box:

These are the papers they can write their comment on

I just tied tulle like a tutu and made it just to go on the front

The round balls are small Christmas ornaments- the best time is to go now and buy them:)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Korver Almost A Crawler!

Korver is almost a crawler! He is like half a crawler right now:)

New Years Resolutions

Some New Years Resolutions for the year 2012:

Be healthy... or at least healthier
More Exercise... yes I do have a weight goal
Get better at photography...outdoor and indoor
Be a better wife and mother.... I get carried away on blogging and facebook and so I am going to spend less time on facebook and blog when I have the time
Be Happier...Im going to be happy with what I have
Finish the Book of Mormon... as a family

Quote from the book : How To Be Miserable by John Bytheway

Don't Set Goals

If you're trying to be miserable,it's important you don't have any goals. No school goals, personal goals, spiritual goals. With nothing to shoot for, your life is shot. Your only objective each day should be to inhale, exhale, and pump blood. Don't read anything informative; don't listen to anything useful; don't do anything productive. If you start achieving goals, you might start to feel a sense of accomplishment; then you might want to set another goal, and as soon as that happens, your miserable mornings are through. To maintain your misery, the idea of crossing off your achievements should never cross your mind.