Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Have We Been Up To?

So I know I have really been slacking, but our new computer has different things with blogger. It makes it a little more difficult but Im trying to get used to it. It seems that life has been pretty busy lately. Olivia loves to help me with the dishes lately:

I have been trying to take more pictures with my camera. I took some of Olivia outside. So here are just a couple- I wanted to upload some more but it won't let me right now.

Sweet little angel...

(well a messy one)

So along with doing the dishes Olivia loves to help with everything, so she helped me make some pudding and I didnt want to get her clothes messy, so that is why no shirt:) She is such a sweet little angel... for the most part. Lately she is talking a lot more and she is also saying "no!" a lot... She can be quite a little stinker. We are finally getting her on a no binky schedule- only for naps and bedtime and she knows it. When I go get her after her nap she usually tries to hide her binky and sneak it out but if I tell her to leave it in her crib she will usually listen. She is 20 months old! We took her to the Discovery Gateway museum in Salt Lake last weekend. There were way to many people there for any of us to have any fun. She just held onto Mike's or my hand pretty tight the whole time. We did get some fun pictures I'll have to upload them later. I just think she needs to be a little older to have more fun or maybe if we went not on a Saturday.

I also gave myself some highlights and its really hard to give your self highlights, expecially if you have long hair. But I think they turned out pretty good. I wanted to do blonde ones but I decided for now to go more caramel... plus its too hard to do them with a toddler so the foils were only in for about 5 minutes:)

Also I am 31 weeks. Only 9 weeks left! I cant believe it! I am feeling pretty good. Just tired, my body is more sore this time around but Im really glad I am not sick.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sad Day

So our computer wasn't working and we think it has a virus so I haven't been able to blog so we got a new laptop and no thats not the sad part:) but it will just take me some time to post some pics up, and I like to post pictures with each post but I wanted to blog. So I was doing the laundry a couple days ago. And as I was taking Mike's jerseys out of the washing machine, I pulled out one of Olivia's barbies. We went to Mike's game on Saturday and she had taken a barbie and it must have gotten tossed in with the jerseys. Well I didn't just pull out her barbie in 1 peice. The wash decapitated her head! Olivia saw me pull it out of the wash and she was so sad! She kept saying "momma" in the saddest voice and had the saddest face. She wanted me to fix it, and I did try to tape the head back on but it was broken pretty bad. So I just pulled her out a new barbie from one of the ones she got from Christmas, and that seemed to make her forget about her broken barbie. It was a pretty dramatic day for her.