Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sad Day

So our computer wasn't working and we think it has a virus so I haven't been able to blog so we got a new laptop and no thats not the sad part:) but it will just take me some time to post some pics up, and I like to post pictures with each post but I wanted to blog. So I was doing the laundry a couple days ago. And as I was taking Mike's jerseys out of the washing machine, I pulled out one of Olivia's barbies. We went to Mike's game on Saturday and she had taken a barbie and it must have gotten tossed in with the jerseys. Well I didn't just pull out her barbie in 1 peice. The wash decapitated her head! Olivia saw me pull it out of the wash and she was so sad! She kept saying "momma" in the saddest voice and had the saddest face. She wanted me to fix it, and I did try to tape the head back on but it was broken pretty bad. So I just pulled her out a new barbie from one of the ones she got from Christmas, and that seemed to make her forget about her broken barbie. It was a pretty dramatic day for her.

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