Sunday, November 28, 2010


I went out this morning to get Olivia's coat out of the car and it had snowed so much and was still snowing like crazy when I went out. Im glad I did because we would be snowed in. They are shoveling the snow but its coming down like crazy so once they clear it its all back again! Olivia loves it! I took her out and she didn't know what to do. I need to buy her some gloves. I just put really thick socks on her hands but she wants to grab the snow. It's finally beginning to look a lot like Christmas:)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

This year we went to Mike's family for Thanksgiving. DeAnn and her family were there too so it was nice to see them since we don't see them that often. The food was wonderful.
Things I love about Thanksgiving:

1. Being with Family
2. Homemade Rolls
3. Chocolate Pie
4.Being able to eat and eat all day long no matter how full you feel .... and everyone being okay with it:)

Olivia was so cute with Grandpa. She liked to share the cards with him.


Thursday night Steph and Jon came and stayed the night with us. I debated whether or not to get up and go shopping. Luckily, they didn't want to go so early. We did go shopping on Friday at about 10 in the morning and it didnt feel like Black Friday to me... Im sure at Wal-mart and Target it might have but we just went to the mall and it really wasn't that bad. It was like any other Saturday. So we were glad. Kasi and Brady stayed with us Friday night. It was so fun having family visiting us. They even made us dinner and it was delicious! Olivia warms up so quick and was such a goofy girl with them:)

Today is Mike's dads birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So we went over for a birthday lunch and played cards. Its been such a nice, very relaxing weekend!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Smile Worth A Thousand Words

Align Center
Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Olivia's Hiding Place

This is where Olivia likes to hide lately:

(Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen!)

Olivia is all better! Yay:) But, mommy is sick now:( I hate being sick, because I feel like an awful mommy. I still play with Olivia but, you know how you feel when you are sick you just want to stay in bed and sleep and, its so hard to not kiss her chubby cheeks:)! Hopefully Mike stays healthy. I just hope I am all better by Thanksgiving! That gives me about a week to get better.... Wish me luck!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Wal- Mart Scare

Today I saw one of the scariest things. (I don't know every detail of what happened so here is the short version.) I walked into wal-mart and there lying on the ground was a little girl not moving. She was about Olivia's age. My heart sank and I could feel my eyes starting to fill up with tears. There were a group of people around trying to help out the mom who was panicking and trying everything to make her daughter breath. They had called 911 so paramedics were on their way. I thought maybe she was choking on something since they kept saying she couldn't breath. Others were saying she was having a seizure. Some said they think she fell out of the cart because she was bleeding, but I don't know exactly what happened. My heart just kept sinking deeper. It was so scary to think I couldn't do anything to help, especially being a mom now I just kept thinking of Olivia. I just prayed the whole time I was at Wal-Mart that she would be okay. The paramedics did get there and they did resuscitate her. She started crying and her mom carried her out to the ambulance. So that did bring some relief to my heart, but I can't imagine how that mom is feeling.
I just remember how I felt when I was at Roberts Craft with Olivia and how she choked on a balloon string, and she started shaking since she couldn't breath and I panicked because I couldn't get it out of her.Luckily Olivia was alright.Things like that just really hit you especially when its children because they are so helpless when they are that small. I keep praying that, that mom will feel alright and that her child will be fine too. I guess seeing that happen you just realize even more how important family is.

Happy Monday!

Have a great Monday!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Poor Olivia

So Olivia is sick. Its funny though because she still gets little hyper moments and then its like she is not herself the next second. I changed her into her clothes today and she went straight to lay down, and had me cover her with a blanket. I hate her being sick, but I love that she wants me. We just cuddled all day yesterday. I miss the days when she would fall asleep on me. So I cherish every moment she does want to fall asleep on me. I love that she will still cuddle though.

We haven't done much this week, since she has been sick, and since its been freezing. We did watch it snow for a little bit yesterday, and I did put up some more Christmas stuff. The weeks lately go by so fast to me. Maybe it's the Holidays coming up. I can't believe its already Thursday this week. Thanksgiving is in two weeks! Yay! And Christmas isn't too far. We actually have all of our shopping done! I think everyone had the same idea of getting it done early cause the stores and streets and so crazy and crowded! I'm actually glad we are done. I do love the Christmas shopping but, I hate the crowds, so at least we have got everything we needed too.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas Project

I made this fun wreath yesterday. I love how it turned out. Sorry the second picture is so blurry.
All you need for this wreath is a wire hanger and a bunch of ornaments- I didnt have all the same size ornaments but I think it still turned out cute with the different size ones- I didn't want to wait to go buy them so I just used what I had , and then some ribbon, hot glue gun w/glue:)

Here are the instructions I found:

Take one of these...


and bend it into the form of a circle. Then, grab your glue gun and as many round ornaments in varying sizes as you can find. You'll need about 80 in all. Whenever I do my tree, I like the more unusual shapes, so it's always the round ones I have left over. Even if you don't, though, you can always find them for reasonable prices at a discount retailer, especially after the holidays.


To secure the metal cap to the ball, dab a little hot glue and press. That way, the cap will remain attached as the ornaments are strung.


Next, untwist the end of the hanger, then string one ornament at a time, making sure to alternate the placement and colors as desired. Use smaller sizes to fill in the gaps!


Check out the final result! To secure it to the door (make sure it's on the interior!), I used the hook end of the hanger, together with a little wire. Then I covered it up with bubblegum pink satin ribbon and a bow. How simple and beautiful is that?


Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1st

So yes today I started to put out Christmas decorations. I dont think its too early, because I want it to last for as long as I can make it. I don't have a ton of decorations but I guess we really don't have the storage room for it.

Olivia has been so happy today. Everything has been making her laugh, its so cute. So far today we have set up what Christmas stuff we have right now, took my sister Melanie to get her eyebrows waxed- I really need to go buy another wax station, ran to the beauty supply store to get some things- I guess even though I don't do hair as much I'm still glad I am able to go buy things at the beauty supply stores, let Olivia run around, and now she is taking a nap and I need to finish cleaning my house.