Thursday, November 11, 2010

Poor Olivia

So Olivia is sick. Its funny though because she still gets little hyper moments and then its like she is not herself the next second. I changed her into her clothes today and she went straight to lay down, and had me cover her with a blanket. I hate her being sick, but I love that she wants me. We just cuddled all day yesterday. I miss the days when she would fall asleep on me. So I cherish every moment she does want to fall asleep on me. I love that she will still cuddle though.

We haven't done much this week, since she has been sick, and since its been freezing. We did watch it snow for a little bit yesterday, and I did put up some more Christmas stuff. The weeks lately go by so fast to me. Maybe it's the Holidays coming up. I can't believe its already Thursday this week. Thanksgiving is in two weeks! Yay! And Christmas isn't too far. We actually have all of our shopping done! I think everyone had the same idea of getting it done early cause the stores and streets and so crazy and crowded! I'm actually glad we are done. I do love the Christmas shopping but, I hate the crowds, so at least we have got everything we needed too.

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