Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Besides the weather being rather wet and cold, it was a pretty fun Halloween. Olivia had a super warm costume, but we didn't do too much trick or treating. We went to the people we know and we got tons of candy!- thanks mom and dad:) Olivia made the cutest Mickey/Minnie mouse! I didn't think we would get her to wear it. I tried it on her in the morning and she threw the biggest fit. Luckily, she will wear what mommy tells her to if she wants to go outside:) She did really good to keep the head part on. We did go to the mall and walk around for a while and by the time we left it was pouring! We went to Nordstroms and a friend, Rachelle, drew whiskers and a little nose on her face to complete her costume. She sat really good for her.

So Olivia really got her burst of sugar yesterday. This was her last night:
(she would spin and make herself so dizzy)Align Center

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I believe Target has to be my favorite store. I love their clothes, especially their little girl clothes. They are getting the cutest outfits in and they look like they are from Gap! I bought Olivia the cutest outfits from there last week. I bought her the cutest holiday outfit- a way cute plaid (black and gray) skirt- but dressy- and an adorable bright, red Cardigan. A friend bought her the cutest sparkly red girly shoes last night and so they will complete the outfit:) I also got her a knit black and white polka dot dress, a white cute as can be sweater/jacket, and some more. I love their prices as well! I think I will always love Baby Gap too, but I don't like their prices. And we bought Olivia a snow suit last night. It's pink and brown. I can't upload and pictures its being dumb, but Ill take some of Olivia when she wears them.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

White Wednesday!

Yes its the first snow of this year. I am so excited for Christmas lately and this got me even more in the mood for it- I know Halloween is this weekend and Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet, but I always get so excited this time of year for Christmas. I love stores putting out Christmas stuff! I love Tai Pan Trading right now! It's just so cheery:) I'll admit I'm one to put Christmas decorations up pretty early too! I just like to make them last. I love Christmas colors: they just are so happy and bright. I took some pictures of the Backyard this morning. There is just something about the first snow that I love.

This is Olivia's first year at really seeing the snow. (Olivia's reaction to the snow) :

She was so shocked to see all the white. She touched a little snow but didn't like how cold it was. We still need to buy her a snow suit so we are planning on buying her one pretty soon, so we can be more ready for when it really snows..

I had to share Olivia's Obsession with shoes... She absolutly loves them! All of them. She would be happy with a pile of shoes all day long. She loves to wear all of mommy's high heels and she will put them on and walk around in them. The same with Daddy's big work boots- well she can't really walk in them but its so funny how much she loves them- yup! She is such a girly girl. She pretty much has the same obsession with all my purses and earings!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Monday

So yesterday I was trying to get into a Halloween mood. Sunday night we carved some pumpkins with my parents so we decided we would carve more pumpkins for Family Home Evening. During the day I made a cake with homemade frosting for desert- it turned out delicious.

Olivia has the goofiest personality and I try to record her but lately she likes to stop once the camera is on I did get some cute pics of her. I love her lips in the first one.

I forgot to take pics while we were actually carving the pumkins. Olivia would not touch any of the pumpkin "guts". So when I carve pumpkins I try to make up the design rather than using one of the paper templates- but it didnt really work out the way I wanted to- I tried to carve Eeyore:(I think its a really sad attempt)

Mike carved an awesome werewolf:

On Sunday he carved the headless horseman:

So Mike and me aren't dressing up this year but Olivia is going to be a cute Mickey Mouse. I got her one of those warm costumes from the Disney store. I decided I wanted a warm costume and didn't want to attempt to make one this year.

Monday, October 18, 2010


So lately I have been horrible at blogging, but we really haven't done anything too exciting to write about. Olivia is 15 months old. She has at least 10 of her teeth and she is getting so big! She is so dang cute! She gets so goofy hyper at night:) I need to record her, but I never seem to have a camera at the right time lately. She is our little daredevil.

And after she stands up on it she will take her hands off and stand straight up and start shaking very fast- I don't think I am going to try and get a picture of that though...

So lately Mike has been doing some side jobs. I have just been playing and taking care of Olivia. Oh and lately people have been wondering why I have deleted them off of face book- I got rid of it a while ago if people were wondering.

Another Boo...tique...

My friend is helping out with a mini boutique this Friday in PG. So if you are around you should go check it out:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Called To Serve

My brother Kevin got his mission call last night. Steph, Jon, Kasi and Brady drove up from Logan late last night so they could be there while he opened it. He has been called to serve in the...... (drum roll) .....Honolulu, Hawaii mission! No one guessed he would go there. We are so way excited for him! He leaves February 2, 2011. It's so exciting to have a brother who is going on a mission!