Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Besides the weather being rather wet and cold, it was a pretty fun Halloween. Olivia had a super warm costume, but we didn't do too much trick or treating. We went to the people we know and we got tons of candy!- thanks mom and dad:) Olivia made the cutest Mickey/Minnie mouse! I didn't think we would get her to wear it. I tried it on her in the morning and she threw the biggest fit. Luckily, she will wear what mommy tells her to if she wants to go outside:) She did really good to keep the head part on. We did go to the mall and walk around for a while and by the time we left it was pouring! We went to Nordstroms and a friend, Rachelle, drew whiskers and a little nose on her face to complete her costume. She sat really good for her.

So Olivia really got her burst of sugar yesterday. This was her last night:
(she would spin and make herself so dizzy)Align Center

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  1. She's so cute! You should have come over to our place to see her!