Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Monday

So yesterday I was trying to get into a Halloween mood. Sunday night we carved some pumpkins with my parents so we decided we would carve more pumpkins for Family Home Evening. During the day I made a cake with homemade frosting for desert- it turned out delicious.

Olivia has the goofiest personality and I try to record her but lately she likes to stop once the camera is on I did get some cute pics of her. I love her lips in the first one.

I forgot to take pics while we were actually carving the pumkins. Olivia would not touch any of the pumpkin "guts". So when I carve pumpkins I try to make up the design rather than using one of the paper templates- but it didnt really work out the way I wanted to- I tried to carve Eeyore:(I think its a really sad attempt)

Mike carved an awesome werewolf:

On Sunday he carved the headless horseman:

So Mike and me aren't dressing up this year but Olivia is going to be a cute Mickey Mouse. I got her one of those warm costumes from the Disney store. I decided I wanted a warm costume and didn't want to attempt to make one this year.

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