Thursday, October 28, 2010


I believe Target has to be my favorite store. I love their clothes, especially their little girl clothes. They are getting the cutest outfits in and they look like they are from Gap! I bought Olivia the cutest outfits from there last week. I bought her the cutest holiday outfit- a way cute plaid (black and gray) skirt- but dressy- and an adorable bright, red Cardigan. A friend bought her the cutest sparkly red girly shoes last night and so they will complete the outfit:) I also got her a knit black and white polka dot dress, a white cute as can be sweater/jacket, and some more. I love their prices as well! I think I will always love Baby Gap too, but I don't like their prices. And we bought Olivia a snow suit last night. It's pink and brown. I can't upload and pictures its being dumb, but Ill take some of Olivia when she wears them.

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