Friday, January 17, 2014

Part 2 (Its kind of long)

K I have been a horrible blogger and sorry but here is part 2:) I was going to write a whole blog on everything we got for Christmas etc... but this last Christmas season really hit me hard with all the "commercialism" and I was just sick of it. Sick of what its come to. I mean as we were buying gifts we had planned on really only to get what they asked santa for I mean they are still little so yes its way fun to watch them all excited opening their gifts and really all Olivia wanted was an Easy Bake Oven and doll stroller and Korver wanted a Dinosaur, but I got a lot more than I had thought I did... anyways I was just thinking how we save up so much money to buy toys etc... and see maybe that wouldn't be so bad but I think kids are spoiled throughout the year... well my kids I'm not aiming this towards any one else so please don't get offended with my thoughts... But really we teach them about how the focus of Christmas is truly out Christ and so I was thinking when the kids are a little older instead of buying Christmas gifts we would go on trips to make more memories because with Christmas being over they love their toys but used the easy bake oven  couple times... I don't think she has asked me really to make things with it, its been me wanting to use it:) mostly they still just play with the toys they already had. Olivia just wanted the easy bake oven cause a friend had one. And we did splurge on a toy train table and thank goodness they love that but really the toys didn't matter that much. I think they more have fun opening the presents... I love seeing their reactions but really is that the part of Christmas I want their memories to be? I want it to be more focused on family and having Christ more in our lives. I'm sure when next year comes Ill end up buying them more toys etc... cause yes it is fun to shop for my kids and surprise them but I spoil them throughout the year too so I think family trips will be way fun and better memories. K bet you didn't really care for my view of that... so here is the rest of my family update-

I already told you about the kids but I have some new stuff-
 Olivia went to primary without a fuss!!!! yay finally we will see how long this keeps up. - this is really a big deal if it doesn't seem like it.

And for those who did not know Korver's leg is kind of bowed but slowly straightening. Well because of this his growing pains have been horrible at night! He wakes up just screaming and just cries all night long, and its horrible cause I do give him medicine but it just doesn't seem to kick in we have another Dr. Appointment in February to see how his leg is growing so ill keep you updated.

Mike- Work is going really well. He is so busy with it which is wonderful, sometimes I wish he could get off earlier but I cant complain because I am really glad he has a job, but I think he loves his job too much... I mean come on who really likes to work? jk:)

Me: Still love being a stay at home mom. And have loved making crafts for the busy biddy boutique in Orem- link is to see some of the stuff I have been making. I have started going to my ward book club, I know I'm so exciting... I was really excited about going to it. We had to go around to say stuff about us and the books we like... after I was thinking when it  comes to my time to choose the books for us to vote on I might have a problem picking them out only because I like fantasy, horror, mystery, suspense, FICTION books so I figured I'll just pick some books off the "book club lists" online and just looking at some of the titles they have I wonder what other "book clubs" are out there... :) I have my choices for what I will have them vote for but I just have this feeling they will all hate my choices cause some of their favorites are "To Kill A Mocking Bird" k that wasn't everyone's favorite book but I hated that book-probably because I had to read it in school , so any book I was made to read in school I hate, I love reading and always have but every book that they made you read I think its just automatic hate:) The first book we are reading is A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel and since we will be reviewing it next month I wont write my feelings on it so far...and k I'm sure I sound like the biggest complainer but I'm not complaining I just am worried when I pick the books to vote on everyone will just give me that "Really?! you expect us to read any of these" (and just so you know when I am picking out a book to read I usually pick it also if its long because I tend to read fast so I want something that will last at least a day or two... I really like picking longer books because I get so into them and am so sad when I am finished so for example I have been subbing for my mom at the school and my dad brought me a book and when I was down to the last couple chapters I really took my time to read it cause well it was just that good. :)) I just have the hardest time getting into books that are non-fiction unless there is some type of drama to their life. I have always loved reading and I have read non-fiction but I love Mary Higgins Clark, Stephen King, Robert Ludlum, J.K. Rowling, Jack Weyland, and there are others I do like a mix(sorry I don't memorize a lot of Author names especially if I only read one of their books but Fiction is what grabs my attention. So if anyone is reading this post who is in the book club get excited to read some Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings ...:)Just kidding....well maybe I am and maybe I'm not....

A quote to leave you with:

"Next time you are stressed, take a step back, inhale & laugh. Remember who you are & why you are here. You're never given anything in this world that you cannot handle. Be strong, be flexible, love yourself & love other. Always remember, just keep moving forward"- anonymous

Also my little sister Melanie is a missionary serving in Portland, OR. She left to the MTC on New Years Day and now she is in Portland and loving it!