Friday, June 22, 2012

Head Full Of Hair!

So Olivia is wonderful at letting me do her hair! She will sit so patiently to let me do whatever I want to it...except cut it which I am so glad! She says she wants it down to her butt, or feet like Rapunzel- and she has beautiful hair! I love that its not super thick but not thin like mine:) The only problem with having long hair in this family is Korver loves to pull it! I believe I won't need a trim for another six months because of how much he has yanked out of mine! But we still love him- Im just surprised he hasn't pulled his own out since its so so so thick and long! Im waiting for the sides to grow out a little longer to try and give it some shape- sk8er type I guess ... I dunno, everytime I have took the clippers to it I am like why did I just do that! Anyways I am so lucky to have had babies with so much hair:)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fun Busy Weekend

I had such a fun weekend doing a newborn photo shoot! I was able to take pictures of my neighbors 2 week old baby girl Ava Lindsay Rees. She was so fun to take pictures of, and of course I took a few family pics too:) Here are a few- to see more go to

Today we took the tracks down to Salt Lake City to go see the new City Creek Center- Korver and Olivia loved it! What was so nice about The Center is there is tons of shopping, but you dont have to walk so far to the other side:) There is the Cheesecake factory there too:)  and H&M, and Disney, and pretty much a ton of stores:) After we were done shopping we got back on the tracks to go to the KSL building cause Kasi won some tickets, and as we were getting off- we had to carry two strollers off Olivia thought we were going to leave her on- it was the saddest thing. I had to hurry and get Korver off so the doors wouldnt close and so Olivia was left there at the top of the stairs thinking we forgot about her... poor girl. On the plus side I got some new earings:) 

New stuff in our life:

Olivia and Korver:

growing so much! anytime Olivia falls asleep for a nap and Korver doesn't he wants to play with her so he will go and yank her hair and laugh while he does it. - Free Haircuts From Korver

Korver played with bubbles for the first time yesterday- we have blown them before but it was the first time he really got into it- he went CRAZY! bouncing off the walls:)

Korver loves:

pulling hair
getting into my wallet
putting coins in his piggy bank
wrestling his sister
playing cars
loves taking all the cushions off the couch
loves screaming:)
Is a MOMMA'S BOY big time!


is too grown up for her age, anytime she is playing with other kids she tells me k mom go away- with a "your not cool mom" attitude!
She definitly has an attitude
loves to play with whatever Korver is playing with
still loves singing and dancing and talking on my phone to anyone- and then her phone to every disney princess
loves Dora
favorite color pink
loves her hair done- curled
still trys to steal Korver's bottle

We love them!

Our anniversary is this weekend and we are going to VEGAS! YAY! Im so excited to get away:) My mom and dad, and Melanie have offered to watch the kids. Thanks!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our Bowling Team

This past weekend we got to hang out with Steph and Jon before they moved to Minnesota! So sad they moved! Going to miss them so much. We went bowling - Mike was working- at Provo Beach Resort. It was lots of fun:) So we went bowling, had a big water war, played kickball and then played sardines:) I am planning on going and visiting them sometime... sooner than later hopefully:)