Friday, June 22, 2012

Head Full Of Hair!

So Olivia is wonderful at letting me do her hair! She will sit so patiently to let me do whatever I want to it...except cut it which I am so glad! She says she wants it down to her butt, or feet like Rapunzel- and she has beautiful hair! I love that its not super thick but not thin like mine:) The only problem with having long hair in this family is Korver loves to pull it! I believe I won't need a trim for another six months because of how much he has yanked out of mine! But we still love him- Im just surprised he hasn't pulled his own out since its so so so thick and long! Im waiting for the sides to grow out a little longer to try and give it some shape- sk8er type I guess ... I dunno, everytime I have took the clippers to it I am like why did I just do that! Anyways I am so lucky to have had babies with so much hair:)

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