Thursday, July 5, 2012

Keeping Busy

We are just keeping so busy this summer with swimming, birthdays, photoshoots, it just seems like blogging is the last thing on my mind. Olivia and Mike's birthdays are both next week! Wahoo! Can you believe Olivia is going to be 3! And she has the attitude to go with it. We have been going swimming at Lindon city pool and its been so fun- the two times we have gone:) We have been playing a lot at home. Korver is getting so good at feeding himself with a fork and spoon with not spilling, and starting to say more words- or at least the beggining sounds of words:) Olivia just really wants to do everything herself. I mean she tells me to go away when she is playing- like im invading her space or something:) I know I say it over and over but I seriously do have the cutest kids! Looks and all... although I could do without the sass Olivia gives me... I have been busy with the kids and photoshoots lately! I love it! So with Mike's birthday coming up anyone have any ideas:)? Oh also we celebrated our 4th anniversary in Vegas! It was so fun! Sad to say no pictures:( We mostly just shopped and walked the strip- it was so hot and a hot wind to go with it. But we walked the entire strip so we got our excersize for the year!:) We did see the Titanic exhibit- anything that has to do with Titanic Mike loves! They had a "ice berg" chunk there and so we had a contest who could leave their hands on the longest- I think I last maybe I would say at least 10 seconds! It was so cold! At the beggining of the exhibit they give you a passenger passport to see if you survived. I was a third class passenger and yes I did survive, but sad to say Mike, a first class passenger,  did not. It was a fun relaxing weekend.

For Olivia's third birthday I am still up in the air of what to do and its next thursday! Im not going to have a birthday party- I mean we will invite a few over for cake and icecream but nothing like the past two years. SO any ideas for that?

Here are some preview pictures of Olivia's 3 yr pics:

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