Thursday, July 19, 2012

Brave Girl

Today Olivia got her front tooth pulled. It had abscessed and needed to be pulled before it infected any more of her mouth. She was a brave girl! She hasn't had an actually check up so this was her first one. We got there and she was so stubborn to get xrays. They even said I could hold her and she still put up a fit. We had to wait another hour before they could put her to sleep for her extraction. So when they gave her the shot it was only seconds before she was out:) They took the xrays and no other teeth problems at least:) Everything else went smooth. She came out of it pretty quick after the extraction, but it was pretty entertaining to watch her. When we got home I told her she couldnt walk yet but she didnt listen to me and of course face planted it:(  Now she will be toothless for a few years until  her tooth comes in but she still looks adorable. When I showed her herself in the mirror she was kind of freaked out and mad that she didnt have a tooth... she said" I don't like that mom"- the whole in her mouth. They gave her her tooth in a little pink box so she can put it under her pillow- she thinks it is gross!:)

I just told Olivia about the toothfairy:

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