Thursday, January 12, 2012

As of late

So Korver turned 8 months on the 8th and I wanted to post then but its been busy. Anyways here are 8 things Korver does so cute:

1. Practically crawls everywhere and gets into everything!-Im calling it
2. Dances to music- when he hears it he shakes his head and wiggles his body to it
3. Gives the biggest hugs
4. Gives the best kisses
5. Follows his sister around
6. Cuddles to fall asleep- puts his head on my shoulder
7. If you laugh at him he will laugh right back- usually
8. Starting to play hide and seek games

So I have been doing a lot a crafts lately and I helped make a poster for my Mom's ward for YW- The popcorn was really fun to make. They are having a valentines fundraiser for girls camp.

Popcorn made out of marshmallows!-its topped with yellow glitter:)

Then in my ward Im on the R.S. Commitee for "enrichment" and we are theming our year around Charity so we wanted to make a box where every week sisters could write anonymously what someone did for them and then at the end of the year we will read them. So I volunteered to make the box:

These are the papers they can write their comment on

I just tied tulle like a tutu and made it just to go on the front

The round balls are small Christmas ornaments- the best time is to go now and buy them:)

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