Sunday, January 15, 2012

You Will Be Missed!

Mike's dad passed away this morning. He will be deeply missed! So I haven't been the best daughter-in-law about going over and visiting these past years that I have known him without having a reason. We have gone over a bunch of times but there has always been a reason. Either: to play card games,dinner, holidays, fishin', birthdays etc.... but just these past few months where I actually did go over and just talk with him to keep him company with Olivia and Korver, made me wish I had gone over more- just to visit, with no reason. It was really nice finding out about his life, and just more about him. For Mike for Christmas I went over and had him write a letter to Mike to put in his stocking, and Im really glad I did! I will miss his personality so much. Im just glad to know this life is not the end.

Thank You For Everything! We know you are in a better place! We will miss you!

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