Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vacation Fun!

Mike and me went with my parents and Melanie and Kevin this past weekend to St. George. It was just the vacation we needed!We stayed at the Ramada Hotel. It was so much fun just hanging by the pool, shopping and relaxing:) The weather was perfect for vacationing! It was the first time Olivia got to go swimming and she absolutely loved the water! We left on Friday morning and came back on Sunday- so it was a pretty short vacation but a lot of fun. On Saturday Mike and me went to Vegas and just walked around. My parents watched Olivia while we went. It was so much fun hanging out with my family! K so Olivia is such a goof! She is so entertaining! We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse- YUM- and she was such a wild one! She kept bouncing up and down and shaking and screaming and laughing! She kept trying to grab people's hair who sat behind us. And then about every 30 minutes the servers there stop and start country line dancing and she got really into it! Well she was waving her arms and sort of dancing with them. But she loved it! Her favorite thing to do while we were in St George was to take everything out of the cooler we brought!

On the car ride up.

(My mom and Mike were taking the picture)

Olivia wasn't too fond of the yellow floaty:)

Mike bought some new Oakley sunglasses. They look TIGHT!

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  1. So fun!!! Looks like you made it to the M&M factory in Vegas. Love that place. Sounds like you had a great time!! Thanks again for coming by and for the cute cute outfit. :) I'll hopefully call you this week sometime!