Friday, April 2, 2010

Another Project, Another Day

So Mike has been wanting me to make Olivia some John Deer pajamas for a while now. Again, I don't like to go buy patterns ( I probably should with how my sewing abilities are :)) So I have made pajama pants before... I think when I was 12 but I thought they would be pretty easy to make, and turns out they were:) So last night, I made her some pajama pants that she could wear until she is probably two. I just made them have a button inside the pant leg and an elastic loop at the bottom to hook around the button so I could roll them under so she could wear them now. I made them so they are pretty baggy on her just so they could last a little while. I know I am probably just going to make her another pair sooner than later but I just wanted to try it out with the button and elastic. Next, I made her a shirt- Its too big for her but she will grow into it- for this project I was mostly just going for the pants. And then I did make her some pajama capris that do fit her right now:) All in all Mike was way happy with how they turned out and so was I. I promise to take a picture of Olivia in the outfits I make for her.

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