Friday, April 2, 2010

Two Years Ago Today...

(Us posing for the Camera Guy)

Two years ago today Mike proposed to me:) K I know no one writes about the day they got engaged... well no one except for moi, but why shouldn't they? We celebrate St. Patricks Day, Valentines Day etc... We should celebrate our Engagement Day:) Anyways to recap the memorable day.... Mike took me to a Utah Jazz game and we got there pretty early. We were on the 14th row, lower bowl. So as we were sitting there in our Jerseys waiting for the game to start, one of the photographers came up behind us and asked if he could take our picture for the Utah Jazz Fan Website sight. So we posed excitedly for him, and then he asked if there was anything else he could do for us, and Mike said "Why... as a matter of fact you can my good man" well not exactly like that but he did say yes you can:) So I thought Mike was getting out his camera for the guy to take a picture of us and next thing I know Mike was down on is knee and asked me to marry him! and well of course you know the answer:) So the camera guy took the pictures- so the pictures are not reenactments of the moment they are the real deal:) And they were posted on the Jazz Fan Website! Then everyone that was there started clapping- and then the guy who is in charge of the games in between timeouts came up to us and asked us to be in one of them. We won $150 in stuff! It was a very memorable night. And perfect. I hadn't ever told Mike before that I was hoping he would propose to me at a Jazz game so it makes it even more special for me.

The people on the court saw it all and so once they started clapping everyone else turned around and started clapping also.

Happy Engagement Day honey! Love Ya!

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