Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Little Angel

So Olivia has been just crawling like crazy! I love just watching her:) She is starting to pick up speed, and realizing she can now get into things... by herself. She is so funny. So most of the time she will wait until I'm watching, start to crawl towards something and when she hears me coming she crawls faster and starts laughing and yells in a really high pitched voice (its so cute), and gets so excited like its a game or something. She is my new exercise routine I decided:)

Oh and I know she is just going to be one of those kids who takes all of their clothes off and runs around naked, because she already tries to take off her clothes... she succeeded in taking her pants off:)


  1. DVD and Movies are always a popular toy with babies! And you are right, she is an angel.

  2. im blog stalking! i love this! it is soooooo cute!