Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day

Usually for every holiday I dress up or make something for the holiday but I wasn't really feeling it for St. Patricks Day. I did paint my nails green though so I wouldn't get pinched. So Happy St. Patricks Day anyways:). But this post is not really about St. Patricks Day.

So I am trying to make Olivia's room somewhat dressed up but its hard not being able to hang stuff on the walls, or paint. I am really into the black and pink color theme so that's what I'm going with. Last night my mom helped me make a blanket for her crib. I'm not a fan of brown and black together but her crib bumper is brown and so I'm keeping it so it will clash a little but Ill live with it. Its going to take me a while to complete the room and by the time I do we will probably either be moved to another place or I probably will change my mind on things. But the blanket turned out so dang cute!

So I went to my mom's Relief Society Birthday thing tonight and my mom had to decorate one of the tables so I helped out a little bit with making things but she had the whole idea of what to do for the table. She is so talented! I really liked her table the best and I'm not just saying it cause she is my mom, but I really thought it was the funnest and cutest one there.( Especially since it was for a "birthday party") Here see for yourself:

Wouldn't this be the table you would choose to sit at?

Here are the other tables: ( they were nice but just not as fun as my mom's)

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  1. Cute blanket & table! That's neat you got to go with your mom. Hope to see you guys soon.