Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Few Favorite Things

I just thought I would do an update of what Olivia's favorite things to do have been lately. First, of all there are so many things she loves doing that I'll just name some of them. She loves mirrors, and giving herself kisses on the mirror:) She get's so excited when she sees her reflection! She has figured out how to suck water through a straw. We went out to eat a couple weeks back and Olivia kind of figured out how to suck water through a straw, but she has just mostly chewed on the straw until just recently. Now all she want to do is drink water from a straw... or at least a cup and gets really frustrated with me if I don't let her hold the cup. It's really cute! But I would have to say her number one favorite thing is blowing raspberries! (while she is drinking through a straw, I might add) I just love watching her figure things out, and am so glad that I am able to spend time at home with her to teach her things. It's going by so fast!

Video of Olivia blowing raspberries and sucking a straw.

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