Tuesday, March 9, 2010

8 Months and Counting

I can't believe Olivia is 8 months old already! She is growing up too, too fast. So no she hasn't started crawling yet, but I'm sure she will any day now. When she is sitting she will usually go straight to the crawling position and then push herself backwards. She is a very funny girl:) She has the clapping down, and when you start singing patty cake she will clap to it. She is balancing herself more. She just does so many cute things, there are too many to list! ( and they are probably just way cute to me since I'm her momma:)) So today she has been extra cranky, and has kept grabbing her gums, which she has been doing for a while now. When I went to give her a bath tonight I noticed her gums were bleeding, and yup a tooth is coming! I can see the top of it:) I am so excited! I would try and get a picture but its on her lower gums right where her tongue covers- that girl has the longest tongue. All she does lately is stick it out all the time! But yeah, so she will be getting her first tooth!

(Daddy had to buy her a little baseball onesie)

She still has her very pretty, very blue eyes:)

So like I said before I was going to draw some of my favorite outfits that Olivia has. I'm only going to post some of them, but just to give you an idea of what I am doing.

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