Friday, December 10, 2010

Birthday Fun

Yesterday was my birthday. I love that my birthday is in December:) I'm now 23! It was such a fun day. Mike started my birthday off with chocolate and roses the night before. My family came over the day of my birthday and I opened presents from them and I love everything! ( I think I am the easiest person to shop for:)) My mom got me these amazing beautiful crystal, diamond earrings. I tried to take a pic but I can't get a clear one of them. Plus a picture wouldn't do them just. I got a bunch of other fun things too- clothes, scrapbook stuff, makeup, candy, etc. Mike got home early from work so we could go out and celebrate. I have been needing some new pj's and so Mike got me the cutest pink PJ outfit set with the cutest slippers and warm warm robe- I love it! Olivia is sick so my sweet sister stayed and watched her so we could go out. We went to my favorite place for dinner- Carrabas! mmm... It was so yummy! After dinner we went and saw Unstoppable- A MUST TO SEE! It was an awesome movie. I love Denzel Washington movies! They never seem to disappoint you:) We haven't been to the movies in..... FOREVER! It was such a fun birthday thanks to the people I love!
I'm 23 and I am married to a wonderful husband, I have the best daughter anyone could ever ask for- They are both my world! Mike works so hard to give us a great life, and Olivia is my everything.

So more about me: ( just a few of the things I love)

I love all girly things- clothes, makeup, jewelery, anything that glitters, anything Pink and anything cute and frilly


I am not a chick flick type of girl- they are the last movies I want to watch. I much prefer action movies to anything: Cellular, Batman, Enemy of the State or Lord Of The Ring- or any Will Smith movie:)

I am really into scrapbook stuff- I love making banners and cards- I like the actual scrap booking part but that can get so expensive



Cereal- I could eat it all day long mmm


Cake or Doughnuts- I'm not that big into ice cream


  1. I said it once I'll say it again Happy birthday to you! Glad you had a great day!

  2. Happy late Birthday Haley--I feel bad that I didn't know--next year! I'm glad you had a good one. :)