Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thank You Olivia

So I need to update on Olivia. She is 17 months! and she goes into nursery next month! Aah! It's so hard to think she is not a baby! Time is going by. She is really growing up too! She is starting to talk more and actually make out words. She says momma, and daddy really clear and she finally is saying(instead of just signing) Please and thank you, she says horse- Hirse:) and juice, she says small words clear and tries really hard to say big words, and she tries to copy what I tell her to say. She will fold her arms and kneel down for family prayer and she will say amen. She knows where all her body parts are, and she can tell you what animals say. She understands so much. She helps mommy clean and she will go put things away in their right places. She takes direction so well. She loves hide and seek. She loves to sing songs with me, and do the actions- little bunny foo foo, head shoulders knees and toes, ring around the rosie, etc...She loves playing with other kids and loves to share. She has such a great imagination- she will get pots and pans and pretend to be cooking and then have me taste what she makes and she will make the mmm sound for me:) She loves to put things together and figure them out. - like buckles- She is such a smartie pants! Her favorite animal is a horse- she loves the movie Spirit. She is such a drama queen lately though! She won't be hurt but she wants the attention so she pretends to be... silly girl:) She loves to dance! I want to put her in dance pretty soon. She has such an excellent beat with all songs she hears. She loves music, and playing my keyboard! She loves the Wii dance game. She loves to make us laugh! There is so much more I could write and there is so much more that she does, but I think this would be the longest blog post ever if I did. She makes my day everyday. I love her hugs and her kisses and she gives the best ones! I love how her smile just melts your heart and I love her silliness.

Love you sweet Olivia Zoe!

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