Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve!

So today is Christmas Eve! This past week has been quite a trial for me. Im so thankful for my family helping me out with my house cleaning and with Olivia. They have been so great! I probably didn't show it to them enough how much I appreciate everything they did. /I know its the last thing they wanted to do on their Christmas break. Im so glad to live so close to thwm. I love them so much. My mom has gone out of her way to do all she could for me. She is the best example of kindness! She does so much! It's definitly not fun with only one hand. I am hoping when I go to the Dr. next week my hand will be all better... I can pray:) I did change one of Olivia's diapers this week- just a wet one and I am stressing over how I am going to change any poopy ones- especially since she likes to run away- Most of the time she is pretty good to lay still but not for every one, and since it takes me longer she gets impatient. And dressing her is a whole other story:) and getting myself dressed is a task too. Mike has helped out so much. He is a wonderful husband:) He doesnt have to work today Im so glad! I love it when he is home:) I know I just have to keep praying for help:) So this past week has been full of fun things(besides my hand throbbing) we have made Christmas cookies, went shopping, we took Olivia to the movies and saw Tangled- so cute! and /liv did so good at the theater. It takes me forever to type a post so I hope its not too long before my next one. It's so crazy that tomorrow is Christmas! Merry Christmas!

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