Monday, December 20, 2010

Fun Weekend Ends With A Dumb Mistake

The weekend started out fantastic. Mike first surprised me by taking me to the store and telling me to pick out whatever I wanted. After we ran to some more stores to finish up our Christmas shopping. We went to Pizza Factory for lunch and to end the day we decided to go look at lights at Thanksgiving Point to help us get in the Christmas mood. It had been a very relaxing fun day just hanging out with Mike and Olivia. After we put Olivia to bed, Mike and me were going to cuddle by the fire and watch a movie. Mike thought he was being funny by poking me with his popsicle stick and by instinct I turned to hit his leg. Instead, I ended up hitting his knee cap harder than I thought. My hand swelled up instantly and we ran to the emergency room. After they took x-rays we found out that I broke my hand (right below my pinkie). It's my right hand that broke and so it's going to take me a while to get used to using my left hand. It still hurts like crazy and now I have a half cast on it until the swelling goes down but in a week I have to get a hard cast on and have it on for a month or longer. My family is really great to help me out but I know I will have to change Olivia's diaper sometime. I don't know how people do things with just one arm. I just hope it heals faster than they say. It's going to be a trial. Especially with a 17 month old. It makes me realize how grateful I am that I have both arms and thankful for my sister for typing this post :)

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  1. Oh Haley.... Oops. I laughed out loud. I hope you don't mind. What a crazy thing. Yeah, one handed will be a challenge I am sure. Good luck. What a bummer! I do feel for you. Maybe it's time to potty train! JK. We just bought more diapers at costco and of course our bill was up over 100, so Jacob said, maybe it's time to potty train our 7 month old. Lol.