Friday, January 14, 2011

Ward Basketball

So I am still the YW sports coach for my ward, and last night we had our first game. I thought they might release me from this calling because of my broken hand but I was wrong. At least I am actually in charge this time,but now I don't think I would mind having someone help out. Anyways we had 5 girls show up- and you need 5 to start- and the other team it looked like they had 15 girls but I didn't count them. My girls played awesome. We have some amazing bball players on the team. We won 38 to 8... or we were 36 but still it was a pretty big blow out. If you had watched this game I don't think you could have watched a game with more jump balls than this game had! So I decided before the game that I wouldn't argue with anyone-like how it was with volleyball, and last years bball. I held my breath the entire game- Its stressful to be a coach, and I don't want to get stressed out especially being prego. I was pretty amazed though by how much we did win by. They played hard and awesome.

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