Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Friday:)

So Today has been a pretty good day. This morning as I was getting ready, I noticed Olivia was being quieter than usual. I looked over to her and she was trying to get herself dressed. It was the cutest thing. Usually she goes right to asking me for help, but today she wanted to try it all by herself- mommy ended up helping a little:) She has been amazing help with me with my broken hand. This past week she comes and tells me when she needs her diaper changed, and then she'll go lay down so I can change her and she will hold still the whole time:) She is just a growin up so fast.

Craft for the day:

My mom asked me if I would make some headbands for a girl who is having a baby to give her at her baby shower. So I made one today for her. I think it turned out so adorable. The pictures can't really do it justice. I would have taken a picture of Olivia wearing it but I don't want to stretch it out at all for the girl who is getting it. I love it! I love big headbands on little girls. My problem with making them is after I make them I want to keep them-I guess you should like the work you do:)

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