Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sweet Deals! My hand...and the pregnancy:)

So I love finding great deals on baby clothes and so usually I shop at Target and I'll hopefully get some great deals at the mall but lately I have been loving Kid To Kid.(I prefer the Lindon store to the Provo one) I love finding brand name clothes that look brand new! For this outfit I paid $5 and there isn't any stains or rips. They are like brand new.

I have found the cutest clothes there and haven't paid like anything for them. Before New Years they had their fill a bag for $5 sale and I got some really cute clothes- mostly boy ones but actually ones I really liked. I could stuff about 21 items-that included a coat- It was a steal! Now, I love all the name brand stores, but why go spend between$20-$30 dollars on one clothing item- from some stores or even that much on an outfit when I can find the same thing and pay only 5 dollars or less sometimes- not saying every time I go I find things I want but lately I have:) at least with girl clothes... Girls are so fun to dress!

So Olivia is wearing out her shoes so I needed to buy some for this year and I found these ones:

I got these fur boots for $5 at old navy just barely they should fit her for next winter

I got the pair above and below for $11 total. Payless was having a sale over the weekend and I was so happy to only spend that much total and they will fit her for a long time.

I found the silverish slip on shoes for $2 at kid to kid and they are like brand new- shoes are the harder thing to find new at Kid to Kid but I lucked out:)

I love shopping for Olivia but I make sure I find great deals- sometimes I splurge but I know how fast children grow so any money I can save I'll take it!

Now an update on my hand:

I got the cast off on Tuesday. The bone is aligned perfectly but I can't bend my fingers I try, so it's not completly healed. So I have to wear another brace for two weeks straight and not do any lifting or work with my hand- Do they not know how it is to take care of a 18 month old...- and then after the two weeks I can start to take it off and do hand exercises but still wear it most of the time. The hope is to be able to bend my hand and make a fist with no pain.

Update on pregnancy:

So I am 24 weeks(6 months for those of you who don't want to count) and I'm feeling great. The baby is moving like crazy! I love it! So I forgot that you can't do as much work or you'll over do it and these past two days I have really over done it. Since I broke my hand I haven't kept up with the house work but now that I have this other brace on its easier to do stuff just since its not so big- it helps a lot more with Olivia- But so I have been cleaning and organizing and I can really tell in my stomach that I need to take it easier. I really don't want this baby to come any earlier than he needs to so I am not going to worry about my house being spotless :) It's enough work keeping up with Olivia.

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  1. Did I know you were having a boy? I can't remember. Cool though. Congrats. Crazy that your brother is leaving so soon. Glad to hear your hand is healing. Hope you are well!!