Friday, January 28, 2011

Family Goals

So at the beginning of the month we had a family home evening lesson on what we want our family goals to be this year. Now, we had some like paying off the baby, going on vacation, exercising more etc... But the goals that we are really focusing on are:

1. Having Family Home Evening each week
2. Reading the scriptures as a family daily
3. Going to the temple as often as we can
4. Making sure we have family prayer

I know these are what we should be doing already but we seem to put them off, especially since Mike has been working late and he doesn't have a set time of when to come home. I grew up reading the scriptures at 6 in the morning everyday with my family, and so I told Mike we would do that. . . he wasn't too excited for it. So we decided we would start off reading them every night and if we couldn't keep it up we would read them in the morning. Surprisingly we have been really good to not miss a night in reading them:) And we each have a pair of scriptures- yes, even Olivia has one and she is the one who keeps us in line with reading them. One night I was really tired and I was just going to say let's go to bed, and so I told Olivia, "k bed time" and she ran over and got the scriptures and brought them to daddy and me:) And then after scriptures she knows to kneel down and fold her arms. She usually will kneel down and fold her arms and bury her face in the ground, its so cute! Also with prayers if I forget to bless the food, she will fold her arms and start wining until I say the prayer:) I'm so glad these things are sticking with her. She really helps me to remember whats important. I think it's so important to start this early with teaching kids the gospel principles, or even what you believe. Even at 18 months its being engraved into her mind and its amazing how much they do remember, and how much they copy you.

Lately I have been saying "Gosh" when I get angry and I know its not a swear word, but its not a very pretty sounding word:) and its close to some other words... Anyways Olivia spilt something the other day and I was like "Oh gosh" and Olivia thought it was so funny and started just yelling "gosh, gosh, gosh" And lately she just loves to copy what mommy says. So after hearing Olivia copy "gosh" I really have been careful what I say and even what I have been listening too. So lately the new EFY cd for this year has become my favorite cd. I love church music, and not just listening to it on Sunday. I think it brings just a calmness and sweet feeling into the home. I'm just glad that Olivia is learning, and that we are at least teaching her to say prayers and read the scriptures. I think now a days its so easy to be casual with church things, and I just feel like its so important to do these things daily.

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