Monday, January 24, 2011

Daddy's Girl

So this past weekend Olivia got really sick, and she is still sick, but getting better. I just wish I had her energy that she has even when she is sick. She is such a trouper. I'm so grateful for Fathers Blessings, and that Mike is worthy to give her one. He is such a wonderful father to Olivia. So she is a major mommy's girl, but her "daddy's girl" is starting to come out more. She is so cute with him at night. Always wanting to comb his hair, give him little back rubs, play hide and seek with him, and her favorite: she loves to sit on his lap and she will pick out the Nintendo, or x box game for him to play- usually either bball, car racing, any of his sports games. She becomes his little cheerleader:) It's so cute to see her wanting to play with her daddy.

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