Monday, August 30, 2010


So I am starting to get back into doing my talents. I know how important it is to keep them up or you loose them- like I did with singing. I am going to start playing the piano more -I know I can't play how I used to and its just not the same with having a keyboard since its so much shorter than a piano, but I am going to try and keep it up again. I really love the song version of I Stand All Amazed by Michael R. Hicks. I think the arrangement is so beautiful, so I am currently learning to play it. (a plus -It's not necessarily difficult:))

And I am going to start drawing again. The last time a sat down to draw was after I had Olivia, when I drew her picture, so about a year ago. I drew these on Friday.

(done with Prismacolor; size 16x20)

(done with Prismacolors; size 16x20)

The John Wayne picture is for my dad for Christmas- luckily he never looks at my blog- so no one tell him about it either. He is a big John Wayne fan... just like Mike's dad too. I wanted a flower picture of some type for my own house, so I sketched that one. I know it's pretty simply but I really like it! I think the only times I will have to draw though will be during Olivia's nap- or after her bedtime.

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