Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pretty Productive For A Thursday

Today was a pretty productive day.

1. Organized/cleaned the house( as much as I could while Olivia napped)

2.Prepared my lesson for Sunday- I always liked teachers who were creative so I try and make my lessons creative. I hate when I feel like a work so hard on the lessons and then the kids don't even care really, but that's why I try to have fun lessons.

3. Let Olivia paint her first masterpiece( pics to come)- I added the "Olivia"-from the show on it after she painted, and colored. If you haven't seen the Olivia TV show its a must. It is seriously such a cute kids show! I didn't name Olivia after Olivia the pig- mostly because I had never seen the show or read any of the books, but I wouldn't be ashamed if I had named her after the show. The show makes me want to change her room to the "Olivia" theme- I doubt I will but when I do have a house I think I will do something "Olivia" themed- like in the playroom or something...

4. Ran some errands-a- beauty supply store:I am coloring Mike's sisters hair on Saturday,b- Roberts Crafts- I decided I am going to get back into sketching

5.Hung up some more pictures

6. Made Alfredo noodles for dinner- I love homemade Alfredo sauce and the recipe I have is so delicious!(so I will share)

1 cube cream cheese, a couple TBS butter, 1 tsp garlic, Cup milk/or cream, 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese- these are the estimated measurements because I just mix for the texture that I like.
Melt butter and cream cheese with garlic in pan- once it is creamy and smooth add milk/cream- stir til smooth then add Parmesan cheese. mix til smooth. I sometimes add basil also- 2 tablespoons. This sauce gets pretty thick just to let ya know- it's so good though!

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