Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Magic

For my primary class the lesson was: I Can Be Kind. And also how Jesus said "Love Everyone" so I talked about the good Samaritan, and had them act it out. Then I had a story of how we are supposed to love everyone even if they treat us wrong, and told them I said we are going to make some "Love" cookies with my magic oven- a cardboard box, which I put a piece of paper in the middle so they couldn't see the bottom of it when I opened the lid and so I already put some pre- made heart shaped cookies in the bottom of it. I cut on the side of the box so I could open it like an oven but just so they could see the bottom half when it opened. So I put holes in the top and bottom of some eggs so I could get the yoke out of them so I could put heart pieces of paper with questions from the lesson ( our ingredients) then we put the heart papers in the top of the oven. The kids kept asking are we really going to eat those? Are they going to turn into real cookies? So while they were "baking" we sang the song...I'll walk with you, I'll talk with you... and then I went "Beep" and took out the cookies- the kids were so excited that it worked and they all thought it was a real magic oven:) It was really cute. ( forgot it was fast Sunday when I was making them, so I put them in goodie bags for them to take home- with a tag on it saying- Jesus said "Love Everyone"

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