Thursday, August 12, 2010


My sister Melanie is 15 and has an awesome voice (and is the most photogenic person). She is so brave. Last night we went to watch her perform for a singing competition in Orem- I guess it's a pretty big one because people come from all over. They pick three winners each night to go onto the semifinals and then the winner gets to perform with Montgomery Gentry. I recorded her singing but when I went to put it on the computer it was all fuzzy sounding so you couldn't hear her very good:( but I got part of the clip where it was the clearest- and we sat at the top of the hill, so that's why its blurry. She sang Taylor Swifts song... I'm only me when I'm with you. The band that played all the songs were amazing as well. There were some other really good singers too as well as some... not so good:) While we were watching the others perform we were talking about how all us girls (my sisters and me) should sign up for a singing contest so at least one of us win... I dont think I want to embarrass myself for my sisters to win though... Anyways Melanie didn't win but she was one of the youngest singing (most of them were 18 and older) so as great as her voice is now it will be way awesome when she is 18. Also Melanie was the first singer to walk around the stage- true performer:)

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