Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The things I did today:

1. Took some pictures. Took a picture of my brother to send in with his mission papers-I can't believe he turns 19 in January! I had to take a picture of him with Olivia, kind of like a "this is how small she was before he left on his mission"

2. Ran some errands

3. Curled my friend, Emily's hair for her family pictures

4. Made the best Potato soup:) My grandma would make it all the time for us growing up, and also my mom, so I gotta keep the tradition going

5. Ate a salad. I decided I really should start eating more healthy things. I am not a salad person at all and am pretty picky. But, I find I don't mind spinach leafs as much, and I was actually in a salad mood:)

6. Updated Blog

7. Played with Olivia:) (my favorite part of the day)

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