Saturday, August 14, 2010


We did so much on Saturday! I'm so beat.

So Saturday morning we played our softball game and the team we played were a bunch of complainers but I won't go into it too much. I'm just glad we won! So then we played another game right after that one. The team was really good and we just couldn't seem to hit it to an open spot. I did , however, hit an amazing hit! I was so happy I hit it clear way out in the outfield past all the players. They were surprised too. I can hit the ball I just haven't ever hit it as far as I did. Mike hit a couple of amazing balls too. Our team played awesome even though we didn't come out the winners in the end. We did get a t-shirt and our team picture taken though.

Lindon Days. Mike and me missed the parade because of our game, but my mom had Olivia and so they watched it. She said that one of the clowns came up to Olivia, and it scared her pretty good:(.

Saturday night we went to the REAL Salt Lake game. I haven't ever been to a pro soccer game before. Our friend Steve invited us to go. We took Olivia (she really could have cared less) For never seeing a game it was fun to watch, but I decided I like watching basketball and football the best:)

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