Friday, June 10, 2011

Olivia & Korver

The month of May went by so fast! And here it is the 10th of June already! I cant believe that Korver is over a month old! Its a love hate situation for me with the time going by so fast. 1. Korver has been fussy and so its like I want him to get over the fussy stage fast, but I don't want him to grow up too fast! And 2. I hate not being able to give Olivia the same attention that she got before Korver was born, but I love that she is able to entertain herself:) She loves playing with her dolls lately. Ill find her talking to them and doing their hair and makeup and asking them how they want the hair done. Its so cute! She is such a girly girl:) I know she is almost two (next month!) and still has a binky- I was really good before I had Korver to only give it at bed, but it's just been easier to let her have it lately with having to deal with a fussy baby. I have started to take it away again, so we will see how that goes:) As for Korver, so the first two weeks were way fussy periods, and then things started getting better the third, and by the fourth week he was becomming a calmer baby... And then this week he decided to start over I guess.... We have been trying some Gripe water, to see if its his stomach. It seemed to help out yesterday but then today he is just not a very happy camper. I just hope the fussy period ends sooner than later.

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