Thursday, June 16, 2011

Busy Day For Me:)

The weather is perfect today... well right now it is. I decided there shouldn't be weather forecasts in Utah because the weather changes so much in Utah. Today so far I have been trying to keep my house as clean as I can- its really like Im keep cleaning it just so Olivia can keep messing it up:) We went for a walk this morning- almost two miles- I decided I will try to walk it everyday... or at least when I am able to with two kids. Then after feeding and entertaining Korver and Olivia, making lunch for Olivia, doing the laundry, more cleaning, coloring my hair while both kids napped... I know it doesnt seem like a lot but for me it is. Especially with the two kids. And then while Korver was taking his afternoon nap Olivia wanted to play outside- and I practiced taking some pictures of her- Im still trying to figure out my camera and its hard to take pictures of a toddler- well I guess to get non-blurry ones since she doesnt want to sit still, or have mommy take her pictures:) So she is excellent practice for me. Right now Olivia is eating some yogurt, and Korver is sleeping so I am going to try and figure out what to make for dinner, and go clean some more...

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