Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baby Blessing and More...

So on Sunday we blessed Korver. He was 4 weeks on Sunday, and I can't believe tomorrow it will exactly be a month! I don't know where May went! He is getting less fussy each day- some days I don't think so, but I can really tell a difference now. I can actually put him down and he won't cry. Anyways, Mike gave a beautiful blessing. Im so blessed to have a husband that is worthy to have the Priesthood. Thanks to everyone who came to the blessing.
Then on Monday I went with my mom, Melanie, Olivia and Korver to Lagoon. It was a lot of fun. We took Olivia on Dracula's Castle right when we got there. She was more in shock than scared on it. The other rides we just had to put her on them because she didnt want to go on them. But once she got on them she liked them a lot. We are planning to go a lot this summer, so I think she will really get used to them. I forgot my camera so I just took a few pics with my phone, but we are planning to go again pretty soon so Ill take more then. We took turns taking her on the rides where we could go on them with her, watched her have fun on the ones where it could only be her, and Melanie and I went on a couple- but we went really as a test out day for Olivia.

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